The Coffee Minimalist

Focusing on the Essential

Owning up to an
Excessive Hobby


As a follow up to last week’s post about the danger of being a gear-head, I have a confession… I have WAY too much coffee stuff! I talked about my habit of diving head first into my hobbies, focusing on collecting all the best gear even when I run out of time to enjoy it, […]

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Coffee Gear vs. Technique


It’s easy to be a gear-head, no matter what your hobby or profession may be. I’ve been guilty of this for many years. When I was a musician, I had enough gear to host a rock band in my bedroom, and recording gear to capture the tunes. With photography, I had a backpack so full […]

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Coffee Age & Freshness

Bloom on a freshly roasted coffee

I love a big bloom. At least, I did for a long time, before I knew any better. Thanks to the guys at Cat and Cloud for opening my eyes to the signs of coffee that is, believe it or not, too fresh to drink! Just look at that photo up top… huge bloom, looks […]

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Coffee Podcasts:
What I’m Listening To

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Gonna be a short post today, but it’s one I’ve been meaning to share for awhile now, all about the coffee podcasts I listen to for news, inspiration, etc. During the 10 days that our new baby was in the NICU in Tampa, I used the daily commute to catch up on a backlog of […]

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Time Management

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I don’t write about minimalism very often, despite the title of this blog. Whenever I share my work with someone new, I often get a question about the name, “why coffee minimalist?” It’s easy enough to talk about my influences toward minimalism and how it shaped my life just before coffee took over, but looking […]

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Bean Box, August
Light Roast Sampler


Before my visit to Bean Box earlier this year, I don’t think I had noticed that they offer more than one style of monthly subscription. I was always on the standard assortment, the “Bean Box Choice”, which usually featured two single origins and two blends, with a range of roast levels across the board. It’s a […]

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Elixir Specialty Coffee


When I first heard about Elixir on the Cat & Cloud Coffee Podcast, I was immediately curious. It’s like cold brew, but not really, and since I’m big into cold coffee in all its various forms, I had to find out what these brightly colored bottles were all about. So what is Elixir anyway? “Looks like whiskey, feels […]

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Coffee Journal:
Guatemala La Folie


Have I mentioned recently that I’m getting more excited about washed coffee? Last year most of my favorite and most memorable coffees were naturals, a lot of them from Ethiopia, but this year I’m really warming up to a more delicate cup with fully washed process coffee. A great example of this kind of processing […]

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Cold Brew Gear:
Yama Glass Cold Drip Tower

Yama Tower

I believe it’s every coffee geek’s dream to have a Yama Tower in their collection. After seeing various slow-drip cold brew devices in use at a handful of shops, admiring the beautiful design and presentation, I took the plunge and bought the Yama Glass 6-8 Cup Cold Drip Maker during the Thanksgiving week sales last year. But […]

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Coffee Travels:
Trilogy Coffee Roasting


If you follow me on the social medias, you may have seen me promoting a Kickstarter campaign recently for Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co. I hadn’t been to Deland in years and wasn’t aware of Trilogy until one of my coffee friends shared their campaign. I eagerly jumped on board, and since my wife and I are […]

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