Caffeine Crawl Houston in one month!

I love the Caffeine Crawl concept! Touring a selection of coffee shops and cafes is my favorite way to experience a city, but I’ve never been able to attend an actual Crawl, yet…

Every year my wife and I travel to Houston to visit her family. It was only last year when I managed to find the booming Houston coffee culture, and that’s all thanks to the folks at Caffeine Crawl. I heard about Caffeine Crawl via a mention from someone on social media (probably Barista Magazine), and when I saw they would be in Houston, I was eager to check out the schedule.

We were in town a couple weeks prior, but I used their list of stops to organize our own coffee tour. Our visit included Boomtown Coffee, Catalina Coffee, Paper Co., Southside Espresso, Blacksmith, and Revival Market, which wasn’t taking part in the crawl, but I┬áheard about them from a friend back home. It was a wonderfully coffee-filled day, and it set the tone for 2014, my official “coffee awakening”.

I wasn’t blogging back then, but I was taking photos, so here’s a selection from our tour of Houston last February:

Caffeine Crawl 2015

With our annual Houston trip already planned, I thought back to last year and our coffee tour, wondering what cities Caffeine Crawl would be hitting this year. A quick visit to their website, and whoa! They’re going to be in Houston on February 21st, the same time as us!

I wasted little time in booking our tickets, and I was both surprised and pleased to find the crawl so popular that it was split into multiple routes. There were some repeats from last year, but some great new shops as well, and I decided on route #4. I had already planned a coffee day on Friday the 20th, one day prior to the Crawl, so we’ll have a chance to visit some favorites as well as try new things on Saturday. What a weekend that will be!


Our tickets just arrived yesterday, and I look forward to sharing photos and stories from my first time on the Caffeine Crawl later next month. If any readers will be in Houston that weekend, check it out soon, before tickets are completely sold out! And feel free to drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter if you’re going to be there!

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