Focusing on What Brings Joy, part 2: Results

Last week I wrote about the process of tidying my coffee gear, using the KonMari method from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Since then, I’ve been using my coffee bar every morning, moving things to the sink immediately after use and putting them away once they’re clean and dry.

Every piece of gear has a specific home, and the process of finding and keeping only those which spark joy has inspired me to maintain a beautiful space. I feel more joy when looking at my coffee bar, more joy when using it, and I smile more even when putting things away at the end of the day.

Of course, this makes me want to follow the KonMari method for everything in the house, put my whole life in order! It’s a challenge with young children, but every day when I look at my coffee bar and smile, I wish that every room in the house had the same feeling.

More importantly, this exercise brought renewed focus to my daily coffee habit. The energy I get from our coffee bar every day is eye-opening, and it’s not just the caffeine.

This new energy has inspired me to figure out where I want this blog to go, the answer to the question I’ve been asking over the past couple months: What is The Coffee Minimalist?

The Coffee Minimalist is a look into my personal coffee journey with focus and determination. It’s about seeking out a better palate and better understanding of specialty coffee. And it’s also about minimalism and focus, the drive to fill my life with things I love, things that spark joy.

So what should you expect to find here from this point on?

I will continue posting every Monday, but now I will focus on a series of recurring themes to help keep me on track.

What We’re Drinking will cover a monthly review of coffee (and eventually tea) that we enjoyed recently. Coffee Travels with follow us to a new coffee shop, cafe, roastery or other coffee destination, encouraging me to get out and fika more often.

I’m going to get back to cupping at least once a month with Cupping Corner, either joining in public cupping events or inviting friends to my own tasting. Finally, I’m starting Minimalist Moments. This will be a look at something special that brings joy, a report of my KonMari practice, or deeper thoughts on focus and intention.

This month, of course, skips the usual What We’re Drinking in order to wrap up this initial KonMari series, but starting in August I’ll do a better job of sharing the excellent coffees that pass through our coffee bar. After all, I appreciate each one a bit more now that all the clutter is out of the way.