New blog: Uncharted Parenting

The blog is dead, long live the blog!

It’s been over four months since I posted my thoughts about creative people working in chapters. Since then, this blog has sat untouched while I focused on everything else in life, and now I’m ready to make it official…

The Coffee Minimalist is no more. The blog will be going away completely sometime in the coming months, and there are no plans to bring it back. The only coffee we drink anymore in this house is cold brew, and I’m close to getting rid of the last of my professional coffee gear, keeping only our cold brew devices.

Our coffee room is still called “the coffee room”, but the coffee bar is host to a lot more tea recently. I had to trim my coffee subscriptions down to almost nothing, after we had too many bags of coffee sit unloved and unbrewed over the past half a year.

So this will be my last update on this website. I want to thank those of you who came by to read over the years, especially those in the specialty coffee community who made me feel welcome. And of course, since I’m always driven by the insatiable desire to create, there’s a new blog cranking up…

Uncharted Parenting

I started Uncharted Parenting a couple months back, after years of discussion with my wife, and it’s all about our unusual family life. Check out the initial post for a story of where Uncharted Parenting came from, what we hope to share through the blog, and what makes our family life unusual. I certainly hope you enjoy it, and thanks again for reading this old blog over the past few years!