Clearing the Docket:
A Fresh Start for 2017

Welcome back, dear friends, and thanks for visiting after my long absence! I can’t tell you how many times over the past two months that I thought about cranking up the blog again. It was always in the back of my mind, but I committed myself to focusing on life, enjoying coffee and not rushing into this task until I was ready.

Now it’s time. Time to get back to basics, time to refocus my daily routines, time to catch up on all the awesome coffee goodness that I’ve enjoyed during my time away.

So today we’re clearing the docket (to borrow a phrase from one of my favorite podcasts), running through a quick list of highlights, some of which I will explore in depth later on. I’m out of touch with coffee news, and my palate is more underdeveloped than ever, but there are still many things I want to share.

Let’s start with my morning coffee: Ethiopia Guji from Slate Coffee Roasters, part of my most recent Bean Box delivery. Beautiful coffee, but I completely messed up the extraction so it didn’t shine the way it could have. Very bright fragrance, and the aroma was warming in a way I can’t easily describe. I just didn’t have the grind setting fine enough, so my brew time was too short and the cup was under-extracted.

Regardless of my skill, I am taking more care to write in my coffee journal these days, recording each brew (aside from batch brew in the Bonavita) and it’s helping me to focus more on the moment. I’ve been working on the journal for at least a month now, wanting to get the habit in place before I brought this blog back to life. Expect more coffee journal posts in the future once my writing schedule is solid.

Last year I enjoyed the first Department of Brewology boxsets, so when they launched a monthly subscription, I jumped on board. As one of the first subscribers, I received the Colombia Red Honey Gesha from Onxy Coffee Lab! That was worth the price of the box already, but they threw in all the goodies you see here, including a sample of Third Wave Water.

Speaking of, have you caught the Third Wave Water Kickstarter yet? It ends later this week, and they’ve already hit their goal, but there are some really cool rewards and it’s a great way to try it out while helping support their initial growth. Expect a more in depth post about my experience with their product soon. (Short version, if you don’t know about it already: it’s a capsule of minerals that you add to distilled water to create an ideal water for coffee brewing, not just TDS but the right kind of TDS.)

Another item I’ve been wanting to write about is there in the background, the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder. This was a long time coming, but I appreciate the time they took to make it awesome. I am trying to use it more often for my daily brew, and you can expect a full post about my experience in the near future.

What else is on the coffee horizon? There’s our family road trip, in which we visited Journeyman Coffee in Tallahassee, then Revelator and Stumptown in New Orleans, an interesting article on coffee makers at, my new approach to cold brew, and a steady stream of new and excellent coffees via Mistobox and You can also expect occasional thoughts on minimalism and mindfulness as I use my passion for coffee to practice focus and peace.

Thanks again for sticking around, and look for new posts every Monday morning from now on.

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A Fresh Start for 2017”

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