Five Ounce Friday:
Kickstarters & Cold Brew

Finally, a new Five Ounce Friday image!

I’ve been bothered by the old image ever since the redesign of the blog. Funny enough, both source photos are from the city of Denver. One of the pivotal moments in my coffee journey, I visited Denver just as I was discovering specialty coffee (“third wave”, if you like) and experienced a new level of espresso. The old Five Ounce Friday image was from Novo Coffee‘s downtown shop, and this new one features a cortado I got at Little Owl Coffee, a beautiful little shop that remains one of my all time favorites for interior design and layout.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I really fell out of touch with the coffee community during my hiatus from blogging and social media. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I have a few cool things to share and two Kickstarter projects that deserve your love and attention. Let’s get to it…

Cat & Cloud | People. Passion. Perspective. Coffee. – That’s right, I’m going to keep plugging this until the campaign is over! At the time of writing, this project is 65% funded with just 2 weeks left, and I know they deserve a strong finish. If you haven’t joined the party yet, now is the time, and keep spreading the word to all your coffee-loving friends. Cat & Cloud may be one of the coolest coffee companies taking shape, so let’s help make it happen. (via social media)

fika: to have coffee – The main thing that drew me into coffee, which I believe is true for a lot of people, is the experience of being in a coffee shop, either with friends or by myself, having a drink and absorbing the atmosphere. It’s the real force behind coffee shops as the “third place”, and in Sweden the concept is so deeply ingrained in their culture that they have a word for it. The first episode in a 6-part web series is online now, with new episodes coming out every Monday for the next five weeks. (via Barista Magazine blog)

Coffee Spanish for Coffee People – A Field Guide – Bridging the gap between coffee producing and consuming countries is crucial to helping expand and improve specialty coffee all over the world. There are a lot of coffee producers in Spanish-speaking countries and a lot of coffee buyers in English-speaking countries, so a language book focused specifically on the needs of coffee farmers and roasters is a must-have. This could be invaluable to anyone traveling to origin on this half of the globe. (via social media)

The Only Cold Brew and Iced Coffee Guide You’ll Ever Need – If you’re just learning about cold brew or having trouble describing it to your non-coffee friends, this is an in-depth guide from Mistobox that covers a few of the most common cold coffee brew methods. It’s accessible for anyone who might be curious to try cold brew at home. I’ve actually found the flash chilled iced coffee method (also known as Japanese iced coffee) to be quite enjoyable as it brings out some interesting character. (Get $10 off your order at Mistobox with this referral link!)

Café Imports’ Stump the Roaster Series Hits San Francisco Bay AreaCafe Imports does a lot of awesome stuff for the specialty coffee community, and this fun event focuses on coffee roasters to bring them out of the backroom and into the spotlight. This is a great article on the most recent Stump the Roaster panel discussion, and I would love to attend one of these meetings full of energy and people who just want to share and learn from each other. I hope this series continues year after year as the specialty roasting industry keeps growing. (via Barista Magazine blog)

Sidebar: while reading this the first time I was hit with a name that sounded familiar, and it turns out one of the roasters on the panel, Mandy Spirito from Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, used to work in Florida! She was winning all the latte art throwdowns while working at Perq Coffee Bar in Sarasota, and I watched her compete during the Florida Brew Battle in early 2014. Awesome to find her now roasting coffee on the other side of the country! Here she is brewing a Kalita and Aeropress at the same time during her competition routine:

FL Brew Battle at Buddy Brew/Oxford Exchange

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