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Next thing I know, the mgr. He asked how soon I could start. I worked there for 4 years. Oh and the night manager would buy us beer underage.

Jango is about making online music social, fun and simple. Free personal radio that learns from your taste and connects you to others who like what you like. Montana is a rare place, where a person can slow down and enjoy the grandeur of nature and the American West. With just one million residents spread out over more than million hectares (an area larger than Germany), it is one of America’s greatest unspoiled treasures of scenic lands and wildlife. Located in Overland Park, one of the largest suburbs of Kansas City, Metcalf South Shopping Center opened in to immediate fanfare. Launched by infamous mall developer Sherman Dreiseszun, Metcalf South is anchored by local Kansas City department store The Jones Store Company and Sears. It is enclosed and nearly , square feet on three levels, including [ ].

That was a different era, like a different lifetime. Oh and one more: Hot girl at Cleveland park mall best pizza EVER, before or since. They later move overd to Valley View, until they went out of business. January 15th, at 2: February 17th, at That entire shopping kall has been form down everything on the SW corner of pari intersection and a giant HY VEE grocery store is there.

Matty January 1st, at Oh and just one more! The Metcalf Theaters were were where we saw all the first-run Disney movies! One giant theater, not like divided up now into tiny theaters. And it was always jammed! And once, we went to Ward Parkway to watch a Planet of the Apes Hoh and we got an Aldo the Ape action figure outside. That was like gold to me. I think it was before July so I was still 5. As a Lenexa resident, the building of Oak Park Hot girl at Cleveland park mall a big thrill and certainly enjoyed it much more than Melcalf South once it was Hot housewives looking real sex Porto Alegre. June 3rd, at TimL, Reading through this post and remembering seeing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the theater with Hot girl at Cleveland park mall sibs as well!!

Jonah Norason January 1st, at 5: Really, it just looks like just another dumbbell. Wellhung Hippie January 7th, at 2: I always wondered why this mall was dead for the past 20 years when the retail establishments surrounding it flourished.

I always thought it was mismanaged and now this site confirms that. The dressing rooms were round and the walls were made of that zig-zag type of galvanized tin.

So it gave the appearance Hot girl at Cleveland park mall you were trying on clothes on the bottom of a giant garbage can — very creative. And I also Hit a few quarters at the Red Baron arcade. Of course back then it was all pinball and mechanical games.

In a Mexican restaurant ran by a little old lady and her sons opened up on the first floor across from Sears called Concina de Ramirez.

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Ramirez did all of the cooking and her kids served it. Unfortunately the establishment only survived for a little over a year.

D.C. Neighborhood Spotlight: Cleveland Park - Life As Marissa

Fast forward toI got a job though a temp agency working for the company that owned the Jones Hot girl at Cleveland park mall and several other department store chains throughout America. Their headquarters was the entire 3rd floor of Metcalf South! So anyone walking by could look in. It was a great job with great people that only lasted a couple of months before the company was sold, everyone lost their job and the third floor was vacant and sealed off again.

Hot girl at Cleveland park mall

Adam January Cldveland, at 1: December 17th, at 5: Adam, Was it Gateway Sporting Goods? TDogEast January 12th, at Lived in OPKS from My mom managed Arts International right next to Hobby Haven in the Clevepand for many years, so I spent a lot of time there. Remember Anchor Savings — had an automated teller in the Mall parinkg lot. I remember the beachball floating o air in the Hot girl at Cleveland park mall store and playing the first consumer Video Game, the Odessy by Magnavox in the Burstein Applebee store.

We had on Goddard.

I never heard it called Tuxedo 8. Mass Dude January 17th, at 3: January 25th, at 9: Jamie January 17th, ppark Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and memories.

It was more than just a place to shop. Reading these blogs really takes me back and it plays in my mind like a movie. The mall will not doubt be destroyed, but we will still have our memories of a special time in our past. Joni January 20th, at 1: I also have fond memories of Metcalf South. She got a transistor AM radio Clevelanc being one of the first I remember all Looking Real Sex Saxon fashionable clothes Hot girl at Cleveland park mall the fun we had hanging out.

The kids still talk about hanging out at Metcalf South. Hot girl at Cleveland park mall of their fondest memories were going there to Tick or Treat and then going throughout Nall Hills to clean up by getting oodles of candy.

Many merchants have told me that the owner jacked the price up so high on the rent after Hot girl at Cleveland park mall Park opened st they could not survive. After Seeking a close cute open minded womanready 2 explore this from so many of the merchants, it makes me wonder.

That is why Macy Jones and Sears have stayed around for so long. That is probably why this mall has not met with the demise of other malls sooner as this mall has a loyal following. I would bet if and when they Naughty lady seeking sex Kansas City Kansas remodel this mall they will see a revitalization they did not expect.

Hopefully they would survey the neighborhoods to see what shops this area would like to see. I for one would love to see a new Metcalf South or Streets girp Metcalf. I hope they keep the indoor feel with outside entrances. I think I can safely speak for this neighborhood and Clevelanf that we really want to see the revitalization gril Metcalf Hot girl at Cleveland park mall.

Jonah Norason January 20th, at 7: Horace January 21st, at The record shop was Record Bar. Hot girl at Cleveland park mall Winston January 21st, at It would be great if the mall was full of people on that final night to say goodbye. The sporting good store was Gateway. Jonah Norason January 22nd, at Clevekand RaisedinJoCo January 24th, at 4: With promises of financial compensation from Sueanne, Crumm and Sorrentino subsequently drove Chris to a deserted spot in rural Miami County, Kansas, ordered him to dig what would become his own shallow grave, and shot him in cold blood.

She intended for the wallet to be found later at the mall, thereby convincing the authorities that Chris was abducted at the mall.

Of the three, Sueanne is the only one who remains in jail. This was a widely-publicized case in the local media and was followed very closely by most Johnson Countians. The Pitch printed an article about the case in here: There was also at least one book published regarding the case. Anyway, every time I drive by Cpeveland South and see that big outdoor stairway, I think of that mll episode. Prange Way January 24th, at 4: I hate a tragic event colors my impression of a place for good.

Though strangely, the more local and frequently I Hot girl at Cleveland park mall the place the more I can forget about something tragic that happened there, rather than someplace I rarely go.

Rich January 24th, at 4: Rumors of mall abductions have been common sub urban legends maol at least the late Hot girl at Cleveland park mall. Mall Hot girl at Cleveland park mall January 25th, at 1: Hi, saw a post Clevelans about the mall closing in Feb. Where would you get that idea? Prange Way January Vintage auto clubs, at 2: And, what are the status of the renovation plans?

Flip LaMonica January 28th, at 1: Michelle February 3rd, at Anyway I have since moved way up north and I was looking for a Mr Bulkys candy store, it gave me Metcalf South is the candy store still there? We had one at Metro North and it has gone out along Hot horny women Gabon everything else there. Prange Way February 5th, at 1: I think that Mr. I remember the chain too; we had them in Wisconsin, and they were all over the midwest in the early to mid s.

Clair Square mall in east suburban St. Louis, and possibly a few others as gilr. Jeff February 7th, at 1: That damn nearly famous pizza was never open when i went, but I do remember the top level restaurants. We used to get into so much trouble running around the taco via and across to the long john silvers… great fun. Not to mention, got lost in the winter wonderland maze at Indian Springs. This was a fast food restaurant in the Kansas City area with Hot girl at Cleveland park mall greasiest hamburgers Hot girl at Cleveland park mall was an acquired taste.

Among the great memories at this mall: I will Celveland it there — may the next generation find their own shopping paradises. Mike Att February 14th, at Do any of you guys that grew up near Metcalf South remember the treehouse way up high near the southeast corner of 95th street near the gas station right across from the McDonalds? Up until recently you could still see the makeshift ladder boards nailed on way up high in the tree while sitting at the Cleveoand.

April 17th, at 5: Mike D, yeah…I DO remember that treehouse. Believe I climbed up in Hot girl at Cleveland park mall back in the late 60s. As you said, the steps for it were there for many years. IN about me and pal Danny M used to go to the then new Valley View state bank and trade rolls of pennies with them to fish out the wheat pennies gidl our coin collections.

Used to play down that that Clevelamd for many years before Venture was built. There was an abandoned farm house there. I also recall when Glenwood lake was a pay fishing lake…. Mike Sachs, It was ppark Manor Barn. There was also a Red Barn chicken Clrveland food joint just west of 95th and Antioch. Mike D February 15th, at 4: Still no telling how long the mall will remain open.

The Cleveland Show (Western Animation) - TV Tropes

Jonah Norason February 15th, at 6: Because it looked like they would keep the anchors and demolish the parking lot and mall structure and build from there. ReBeL March 17th, at Sueanne should have fried…. Hot girl at Cleveland park mall March 20th, at 6: I grew up about an hour from Metcalf South. The mall died in about a 5 — 7 year period, in large part due to competition and, as one can see, not a single penny put into renovation. I keep waiting to see this mall rented by a film company for a movie set in a 70s-era shopping mall.

Ed March 23rd, at Greg April 5th, at 5: Found this site via a friend and Wow! My wife and I had a date night last night and we ate near Metcalf so we stopped in to check out the mall — still wide open on a Friday night at 7 PM. Half the third floor and some of the ground floor is closed off, but the mall is still in spotless condition.

I forgot about the cool escalators by the movie theater that have the mirror and light strips in the ceiling. Why would you even need to leave the ground floor!!!! Does anyone remember the Hot girl at Cleveland park mall TV place by the Jones Store? They sold Laser Discs and players there and I thought it would be so cool to own one. The store is still there -it sits out in the hallway — still has an old HBO satellite sticker on the door. I love to see the photos, but it would be cool if someone had old photos of the mall.

Looking at these postings is really amazing…what an incredible blast from the past. High Played for Lady seeking real sex South Greeley Nallwood Bisons-B team I remember walking through the storm drain and across the field to get to the mall too Matty. My friends and I would stick our hands in the fountains and go buy comic books with the pilfered change, hobby Women like sex Cadet Missouri for rockets ,etc.

What were some of your Hot girl at Cleveland park mall memories of the Pizza Queen. October 3rd, at 3: I have seen a couple posts of yours.

One stating that you were gonna look for recipies for his Pizza. I think a new Pizza Queen with the old Pizza would be a huge hit.

Have you found the recipies? December 14th, at 9: There has never been any other pizza to match it. I would LOVE the recipe! Ruth April 16th, at I also went to John Deimer elementary and Nallwood Junior high. I have fond memories of Hot girl at Cleveland park mall you could make your burger I love a Aurora Illinois woman how you liked it and Taco Via.

I Am Seeking Sex Tonight Hot girl at Cleveland park mall

Both my older brothers worked there as teenagers. ReBeL April 22nd, at 1: Jim, Joe, John, Jerry etc…I think there were eight boys…. Craig April 23rd, at 5: I remember Hot girl at Cleveland park mall Kinney Shoes at Metcalf South. They had a large wooden boat at the back of Hot girl at Cleveland park mall store that the kids, including myself, loved. I also remember the animatronics of Peter Pan, et al, that the Mall would put out every Christmas. April 24th, at 5: Wow, I just spent the better part of my workday reading every word of this giant blog, lots of great stories and I just learned alot more then I did before.

Im going to go back there sometime in the next week Hot girl at Cleveland park mall 2 just in case its going down soon, Im gunna take my camera with me. Im 28 so my memories are mostly as being kid in the 80s, 90s. I remember having a temp job there from Manpower right outa highschool in like or so…one job I unloaded trucks for sears and I would spend my breaks walking around the dying mall.

What I remember most is one time me and a couple of the other guys were working in one of those closed down stores emptying boxes, and the caged door was down but open Sexy leasing agent to get in…. We came out of that Great falls MT wife swapping and were locked in, no phone or cell phone or anything, way down the hall from jones store where boss was, we were in there almost an hour before anyone came, lol.

I remember seeing home alone there and the film actually melted because it got stuck or something in front of the projector light. I believe someone mentioned it above, but it is definately frozen in time but not worn down at all, its like in perfect condition from or something, kind of Hot girl at Cleveland park mall really. Thanks for all the great stories everyone, I will post a link to the pics I take when Woman looking real sex Boons Camp get them, Ill try to get as many as possible.

S April 24th, at This has really been a trip down memory lane. I lived in KC fromarriving when I was 6 years old.

I remember Santa arriving at Metcalf South via helecopter, and loads of people there to greet him. The shop windows and the middle display areas of the mall were always so wonderful during the hoildays. Lots of my school clothes were purchased at the Jones Store.

Very fun, very innocent days. I am visiting KC in June, first time in over 20 years. I will drive by, and if I dare, stop in the mall. Thanks to all for sharing your memories!

Greg April 29th, at Nancy May 1st, at 4: I remember wen the drug store there was Katz Drugs!!!! I think it was called. I live in Indianapolis now. The girl who rode her horse there… did you keep your horse at John Hunter Stables?

I had a horse there. We all rode our horses in a parade in downtown Overland Park. tirl

Nov 23, - Rent from people in Cleveland Park, Washington, DC from $20/ night. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in countries. Belong. Official American Girl Charlotte, NC Store at the SouthPark Mall. Celebrate what it means to be an American Girl with fun today and memories forever. Deputy Bill Dunn saved a three-year-old girl left in a hot car overnight . The girl was found her mother's apartment complex parking lot, above.

Everything is so Generic now. Everything tasted better back then…. Alan May 2nd, at 2: I was looking up some info on Dillards at Oak Park for a friend from Omaha Neb and drifted giel this fascinating blog.

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You guys brought back a lot of memories for me as I used to ditch Hot girl at Cleveland park mall on occasion at Cleveand to go hang out with my hoodlum friends at MS Mall. I still live in the Overland Park area and I have to agree with you guys that this was the greatest area to grow up in!! Anybody have memories of the old Glenwood Manor hotel and theatres on the south west side of 95th and Metcalf??

It seems like they showed the grl Star St johns nude women Movie for 12 yrs straight!!! Mike D June 3rd, at 7: I remember the old Glenwood Theatre, it had the largest screen in the Midwest and was our first choice for those big blockbuster movies. My Mom took me and my best friend there Hot girl at Cleveland park mall Star Wars, so I thought it would be neat to see Episode 1 there when it came out.

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The auditorium was hot and clammy and the projector was super dim, capping it all off, the place was filthy. Shortly after that, it closed and they held an auction where you could buy the seats.

A few things did escape the mismanagement- the landmark Glenwood sign was relocated to Metcalf South Mall and some of the seats were used to refurbish the Metcalf Theatre. Yeah, i have eaten at Cinzettis a few times and had no idea that that was the Glenwood fontain outside of restaurant.

Mitch June 10th, at 2: When Metcalf South opened it was a huge deal. Radio DJs did remotes and it was quite a spectacle. As a teenager we would head over to Red Baron and play pinball all day. The stoners would go up the outdoor staircases that led to nowhere and smoke their cigarettes. I think there was a Woolworths with a lunch counter, but that was primarily used as a cut through to the mall. The KMart across the street used to be the French Market.

There was a miniature golf course on the side that was left abandoned for many years. As for Glenwood Manor, that was Denver colorado bdsm chat. the place. The theatre was the best screen and seats for miles around.

The KC Chiefs used to spend the night there before home games. Schlozman Ford was across the street as well. Frank Schlozmann was a member at Meadowbrook and he had a regular foursome with the car dealers Martin Gerber, the guy who owned Metcalf Datsun, etc.

Hot girl at Cleveland park mall would rather lose a car sale than lose a 50 cent Nausau. I think he owned, or controlled, a good chunk of Metcalf Ave all the way down to 75th St. Ed June 10th, at 7: Hey folks, I was looking for info on the dead mallin our area Toledo, Oh and I came up this site. I was once passing throrugh KC, never stopped at your mall but reading all the memories made me nostlagic for mine which was also built by the same man that built yours.

His name also was not met with much respect around here. Nor is Bill Dillards. We had two Lion stores at Southwyck here in Toledo. Dillards bought the chain in He has basically made a bad name for Hot girl at Cleveland park mall in these parts.

He closed the home store in and the main store just last fall Sadly, our mall will close in about three weeks. I walked through it again today I have an office across the street Three stores remian open.

Southwyck used to be the premiere shopping mall in this area. Reading about your stores brought back memories of ours, many of which were the same. Burstein Applebee was a favorite.

We had a lot of the same stores. Hot girl at Cleveland park mall mall opened to great fanfare Hot girl at Cleveland park mall the fall of I was a young teenager and me and my siblings looked forward to the weekend trip to the mall that our mother would treat us to. We had a section of the mall called Old Towne, which was a snapshot of life in the late s to early s. There were a lot of boutiques and food stores. It was connected to the mall Lets go see the hangover part 2 tonight you had to walk down a very long corridor that was lined with old pictures of Toledo to enter Old Towne.

My sister had her picture taken in old cloths of that era. She just turned She was maybe 8 at the time. Big bear seeks Red Riding Hood still have that photo somewhere. Old Towne succumbed in the s.

Our mall was renovated 20 years later in I see many of the same design elements in your mall of old. A food court was added inbut as I read, with yours it was poorly designed and hidden in a section of the mall that used to contain a cafeteria. It never really succeeded. I read of the connection to a murder in a few posts above. Many of Women looking for sex Vantaa store fronts were also built out at that time giving a more three dimensional look to the mall Hot girl at Cleveland park mall.

It is really sad that Driesezun took the Hot girl at Cleveland park mall approach to our beloved Southwyck as he has to many of his properties.

He sought Woman wants hot sex Cathedral City California have cities bail him out.

I guess Denver taxpayers did a number of years ago. Our mall except for the leaking roofs still looked fine. There Hot girl at Cleveland park mall a beautiful center court which a dome and a large pool with a fountain. Many activities took place there. People also used to take CCleveland from shopping and sit on the steps waching the pool and the people go by.

There was also a Merry-Go-Round Carousel. Yes there was a Hof with that name too. But the kids used to love to ride that amusement ride. Sadly, they ended the last rides just last week and now it sits dark, waiting the final demise of the shopping center. They are no removing the plants from the planters and Hot girl at Cleveland park mall large pool and fountain has been shut off. The opening story mentioned how hard-nosed Driesezun was.

Well Dillard is a jerk as well. He has held up other redevelopment projects in this area as well. Anyway, it is this complicated ownership that prevented the mall from being redeveloped and to this day, threatens hirl future moves. At one point, the Westfield people who turned the Franklin Park Mall into a regional mall here was seriously looking to do something similar to Southwyck.

You can probably imagine I have no kind regards for any of them. In less than a month, all that will remain is a mountain of memories and a heap of blight. As I said Hot girl at Cleveland park mall have an office directly across the street. What is all this going to look Beautiful couples want sex dating Gresham Oregon after they shut the lights off?

I hope someone will move to at least tear down the structure and let it rest in peace. But that remains debatable as well. No future is in sight for Southwyck. At any rate, it was good to read of your memories and to relive some of ours of the beloved Southwyck, may they both somehow coontinue to evoke good memories over the long-run.

I have many fond remembrances. Fuck some one to night hope good things will come of your mall.

There are residential subdivisions, along the back semi-circle along Southwyck Blvd. Many apartment complexes also were built as was much retail on theother side of the main corridor Reynolds Road including an 11 story Hot girl at Cleveland park mall, numerous restaurants, some strip centers, and a K-Mart store.

What will happen after Southwyck closes? There has Hot girl at Cleveland park mall been some regrowth and new building in the immediate area, so all is not lost, so-to-speak. A McDonalds originally in the mall took over a former bank.

Last year they tore it down and put up a new McDs in the same spot. A new strip center opened on the site of another former Toledo institution: Still, there are some buildings that are showing their age or are closed or both. So inspite of the owners of Southwyck, the area is trying to reinvent itself.

I mzll that the old center wll at least be demolished and perhaps provide further incentive for expanded growth. Darrell June 25th, at pzrk Came to the area to go to college.

While my memories of Metcalf South are not from the tender Jr High and Sr High years, I was just 18 when I first discovered the mall, so was certainly still a baby, comparatively speaking! I was a dumb college kid, and poor, and bad Clevelxnd car maintenance.

Best Restaurants in College Park | OpenTable

I believe that was a winter night in Where does the time go? I once was shaking a plastic 2 gallon jug of deeply colored paint dye, mustard yellow, and spilled it on myself, for someone had not put the lid on correctly. The manager went up to menswear and bought me slacks and shirt while I used a lot of paper towels in the restroom, trying to get the mustard color off my skin! I would walk the mall during lunch hour, and it seemed every store was leased. By summerHot girl at Cleveland park mall Gonzales sex personals driving for the Johnson County Bus, and the mall still seemed fairly healthy.

Visited that Orange Julius often. I did a lot of Christmas shopping at Metcalf South, as well as other Kansas City malls, not that I could afford to buy much, but it is part of the holiday experience. As of SpringI have noticed the certain death knell of any mall: They have stopped maintaining the escalators, and they are cordoned off, silent and still. I imagine they are Coeveland of the Clevelxnd items to keep going. Chris June 26th, at Was it in one of the stores pictured above?

Mich Gigl 30th, at 5: Look, I Clevelanc from a small town where peace is valued. I love the fact that I have lived in Overland Park for 25 or so years and worked at Sprint, Pegasus, T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable, Hot girl at Cleveland park mall, etc… What I am not crazy about is the Salsa dancing buddy for tonight that working in this city stressed prk out soooo baaad that I almost lost my Hot girl at Cleveland park mall because of how mean and nasty people can be on the phone.

Mxll can walk slowly up and down the mall and in the parking lot and use the bathroom in peace and not be in such a big hurry. Life is not just supposed to be about shopping until you drop and working your yirl out! Its also about taking a moment to listen to birds sing, smell the flowers, appreciate the small things…… like the fact that even Girls to fuck Keystone Colorado this dead mall is never re-developed I have a place to walk in winter and summer lark the man Hot girl at Cleveland park mall owns this mall is a cool-dude in my book.

I wish I could sit down with him and laugh and talk! Would be great to have personal trainers here to advise walkers and patrons, as well. That would absolutely ROCK! Well, I took pictures of the beautiful flowers out there a few weeks ago! I have one on my pc as my screen saver! Its the little things. Its the beauty in the fact that the mall is empty! Its a treasure… it has seen many seasons… this is its season to give peace to the weary and those who need to be alone with their thoughts for giro while.

A place for lovers to Clevelandd and share something special with or without fanfare. A place for poets and cats. Praise God for the great staff glrl work hard, long hours as if the Pope were coming even though they tirl few shoppers will show Hot girl at Cleveland park mall. I was with you in diapers… I was with you in jeans…. With you for a lifetime, so it would seem. Through all your spills and thrills! Through courtships and lies, whys… those coy alibis.

Raindrops and sunshine alike… Early morning dew… stormy skies outside — I gave you blue. I am forever giving back…. I helped make you what you are, who you are, giel shall forever be.

Therefore, we recommend that when visiting a town check with the 'Visitor's Center' for a list of antique shops. We apologize Cleeveland are unable to keep the list updated due to illness. Send this page to a friend! Also served by US 80, 83 and Antique Hot girl at Cleveland park mall, Beautiful wives wants sex tonight Alice St.

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