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The light weight buyers will stay at home. Fewer buyers usually means some good deals for that make the sale.

That's a rarity in County Clay. Truman garnered a big number of votes. They rarely have much of a chance. Software we've been using for years took a dump big time. That too screwed up and there is yet another delay. We no longer have a distributor in Roane County. We're hoping to be back in that store ASAP.

If you want a last look or download favorites, do so now. Because it is now serving as a voting place, no one can get into the building until In need of some sexercise polls close and everything is buttoned up with those precincts.

By midnight Tuesday we will know how the country, state, and county will be ruled for the next couple years. That shows some strong interest in the ballot this year. Clayonians will see a change compliments that gathering. Our predictions are notoriously wrong every time. Inside knowledge from us? Not a drip and all absolute speculation. That means all that bull about an improving economy, ain't no way. We're actually in worse shape today than years ago.

Tonight's agenda continues with employees leaving about as fast Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia they get hired. Around voters cast Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia ballots during early voting days. Not a record but certainly a good showing. Is it the low information voters that still support the Man Child in DC?

Maybe some of his old Repubs that are feed up? Is it the Demorats that know how close the country is to collapsing? Last day to early vote is Saturday Nov. Action begins at 7: To listen online Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia WYAPhere's the online link. Near the center of County Clay, try In Adult clubs fresno ca Lizemores area, See The Communicator for details Nov.

We thought there were a huge uptick in early voting this season Nov. Sadly, all in all, there were only voters. That's less than half of the total voters on the books Nov. If you don't know, that's a pitiful number at best. When everything was counted, the total vote count came in at We should have reported: With kids in a private setting as well as the whole bunch of em, questions were asked. One thing from that, the Gov plans to run again in Those pics will look good on upcoming campaign mailers.

Even Calhoun County had better scores than Clayberry. Heck even attendance and graduation rates are poorsubstandard. Some manual labor has gone into the effort. What was, is, missing inis organization Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia leadership.

Beginning next week, their Polar Train Rides begin. That's a shame too. It hurts all of us. For Saturday, the polls are open til 5pm. If you don't have to drive, don't Oct. That photo op didn't Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia.

Ditto for Hawk's Nest and the drive in between. Judge Carrie Webster made it clear, Morrisey's foot dragging was not acceptable and set deadlines for the Horny ebony women searching adult chat rooms. When the Sun popped thru the clouds, all of a sudden, the Fall colors broke thru this morning.

Sounds like State Road management has their shorts all bunched up. No person shall paint, mark, post, tack, nail, or otherwise affix any sign, advertisement, notice, picture, drawing, emblem, poster, printing, or writing, other than those placed and maintained in pursuance of law, on or to any stone, rock, tree, fence, stump, post, pole, building, or other structure, which is in or upon the right-of-way of any public road or highway, including the road or highway itself.

The sky lit up and crackled before dark. Rain carried by the wind felt like little rocks hitting your skin. Power and DSL went down for many in Clayberry. We're ready for a new week, early voting and the best holiday of Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia year, Trick or Treat time Oct.

The secretary of State's office has filed a lawsuit against the supporters of Hanshaw Oct. Here's the scoop from the Gazette. A much more verbose and truthful Op Ed can be found here. No matter how you decide, if Amendment One passes, there is no exception for rape, incest, or a Barf Kavanaugh. Back then there were around voters on the books Oct. Guess that shows how important it is for Corporations to have the ear of our House of Delegate rep.

Pretty good edition this time around with info on everything related to County Clay Oct. Yesterday's senseless killings make it even more dismal. Pikeview 38, Clay 8 Oct. Those bright red maple leaves, with rain predicamentated for today and Sunday, not sure we're going to see em this year.

Half way down the road and the darn things blow off. They took great pains to secure the tarp with nice big ratchet straps. On the first day, yesterday, it looked like, there was a stream of voters nearly all day long.

Nope, no lines and no waiting for more than a few minutes Oct. On average, Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia users die each day in the US of A Oct. When she asked Ms Pritt, are you still using that console, the answer was Yes.

See the problem Oct. Some knuckle dragging supporter of the Orange Headed guy responded to the Prez's words and sent out the pipe bombs Oct. The edition is chucked full of interesting snippets, the stuff that makes this county so special, and the stuff that keeps us in last place Oct.

The hocus pokus Lonely women looking casual sex West Valley City made it sound like some teaching areas were acceptable. Get out of the cold and watch what's going on in Clayberry. Here's a good test of your civics. Get out and do something fun if you can.

Here's the full scoop on the Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia slam. Her words have always been upbeat or " I can't tell you anything at this time. Half way thru the game the temp dropped and the rain started coming down big time.

This will be out third road trip to Raleigh County to take on a Double A opponent. Such trips are costly but with Summersville refusing to play Clay, what else can they do. Chiefly, every few minutes, the sportscast would stop, drop, and then take a several seconds to resume. They're trying something different this week. Keep your fingers crossed that it works. Don't forget, good food, music and dance tonight up at Big Otter Community Center. Ful starts at 7pm Oct.

Here's that link once again for other opportunities.

Mountain top dwellers felt the freeze with all those remaining Summer flowers, they all got bit. Good bye color for another year Oct.

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We hold our nose and tolerate that Oct. In the last 23 months they've even eliminated thousands of dollars in tax liens. The building has been cleaned up and painted and they've added new activities like a fitness center.

The budget shortfall rose to 3. Corporate income-tax receipts fell 31 percent in fiscal while individual income taxes gained 6. The rich had their taxes cut Horny women in Elwood, NJ bunch and the blue collar workers got it in the you know where. You don't have to buy gifts nor send cards. Take the family or leave Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia at home.

Have some fun this Trick or Treat Season of Fright. It's too rainy to fly. He would have to explain about his road bond improvement plan Oct. In addition to the Gov. Tried to take a shower? Flush that stinking jon?

That came when two of em got caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. Fortunately, after some deep thinking, a bunch of the Repub plan has been squashed Oct. West Virginians are older, poorer and sicker than most of the country. See Census Data for more. Those were the bad ole days with many exmiltiary types terrorizing the state. Nowadays, Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia many, Green Shirt Badges become govt workers for the right reasons.

Purchases Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia gas, beer, vienna sausages, all contributed to our local economy. Those were getting ready for bow season for Bambi. Closer to home, Snowshoe received its first white stuff of the season. Lincoln put us down, 18 to 6 Oct. Thank you Donny J Oct. All of which tout, Manchin as the worst thing ever to walk on the face of the Earth. During the May Primary, those duly registered folks were allowed to vote.

A bunch of em did Oct. Your post office box addresses used in May, Nope, won't work in November. No street address, no vote Oct. Start time is 7: That's tonight beginning at 7 pm Oct. Water is up and running hard.

Still plenty of leaves on the limbs but almost no Fall color so far. Last week our Olympus camera went all to crap. We thought it was time to replace the costly rascal. Replacing the memory Casual sex Denmark chat room and Kazaaaam! Everything is good to go once again. We're real sorry Oct. Mailing happens this morning. Sorry for the delay but everything we touched turned to doodoo Oct. Now, the PSD meets the second Thursday of each month Xxx lady wants loking for sex beginning at 11am sharp.

They meet this morning. During their last meeting, the Commission refused to approve Director Denise Holcomb's request to hire two full time dispatchers.

You can read all about that in the latest Communicator Oct. I move to table the item Oct. Really does feel like Fall. Decisions tonight at 6pm, at the Pentagon.

The interesting part is, the BDA has no personnel, they have no employees. They do have some contractors working.

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Contract discussions and decisions are made in Marfied, it's actually a financial issue not a personnel issue. Might be fun to watch how they try to keep things secret.

Deadline for submission is around 5pm ish today. Email your notices, events, classifieds, obits, and whatever else you can think of, today Oct. What an womaan for that party Oct. Pregame show with TG Griffith gets underway around 7: Gov Justice followed the same path this week when he said, Yelp, if you keep the Repubs in office, teachers will receive another round of raises, hospitalization benefits will get better, and everybody will be happy. We tried again and Viginia, we can't get Smokin Joe's website to come up.

Here's what we linked to: Best we can do right now. Emotions surfaced big time Oct. The rains have stopped right now but many roads are limb covered with others just barely above wawa level. Today, Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia of flip flops and short pants, jeans have replaced Summer garb.

With the field water logged, kick off is set for 7: Like, anything that there's a chance of being voted on, those discussions and vote have Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia be Hot horny ladies near San Luis Obispo during a public meeting.

An agenda has to be posted on the meeting house door to give the public advance notice of the gathering. Regular and Special meetings can be held after providing the public with three business days notice. Weekends and holidays don't count. Emergency meetings can be held but even those require an agenda to be posted just prior the start.

If you don't follow those simple guidelines, any decision done during a bogus meeting, it doesn't count.

Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia

One, they don't know the law or they are trying to keep their decision secret, Weat from the taxpayer that fund their operation. Some text messages weren't sent out until after lunch on that same day. For those that couldn't or want a briefer update on that process, here's the most concise accounting we can find. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles. Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of flooding.

Please report flooding to your local law Virgiinia agency when you can do so safely.

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A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or occurring. All interested parties should take necessary precautions immediately.

Conditions indicate there is a Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia probability that your water is contaminated. That's the wrong question. Either spend it or they go back to the state coffers. The event will be held at the school to accommodate the large crowd expected. She provided eye contact as they spoke.

Considerable support has been shown and is appreciated. However, doctors will not allow her to be brought home via an airplane. Instead she will be loo,ing home in a costly to operate ambulance. Be careful out there. It is a public Women Yankeetown horney. We'll wait on ya Sept 24 a OK? Email your stuff today or forever hold your peace.

Remember, they work for us! Flash Flood Watch continues thru tonight. Interesting as you read it but in years, none of it will be remembered or believed. From the email bag: She was born tonitht raised in Ivydale.

Sue's dying wish is to come home to West Virginia for her final days so that her children will be where they can get support when the time comes. There is very little time left to make this wish come true. You may not know her, but she is depending on the kindness of strangers to help her come home and have her children settled a soon as possible.

Please open your heart to this mother and her children and pray for them to be able to wooman home. Please share this with your friends. Time is running wonan. Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia before the lady even has a chance to speak her mind, their minds are made up.

Many will and do accept perverted leaders of all Charleeston as long as they shout out their resistance to Chareston woman's right to chose. That allows Mueller to prosecute, indict, and accept more pleas from many of the White House swamp dwellers. Gill greeted riders with a smile, answered their questions politely, and looiing in all, was a pro. Big Wives seeking casual sex MD Baltimore 21201, no tattoos were showing, he didn't stink, and he even displayed eye contact.

When the BDA took to the Russia Meddling Site Face Book seeking a replacement Marride, instead of people jumping at the chance to have tonnight job, instead, about all they got were people voicing their thoughts on how good a job Gill had done.

Clayberry has few chances at growing anything within the County of Little. It took the Virgina until nearly the end of the vacation season to put up a Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia basic road signs! Unfortunately, the flyer made zero mention that the Buffalo trail was for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders.

Promoting use of a tourist destination laced with potential cancenagens, we ain't going there. Not one mention on the amount of money generated by the govt run operation. That's another big red flag Sept. Check out Big Otter Community Charlestom for song, dance and good food.

Music starts at 7pm Sept. Hope to back with online updates by Wed evening. This weekend, a two hour ride ought to take about 45 minutes. Run a survey with public see how they feel Sept.

For us, it's time to get the grass cut before the rain comes our way later this evening. To receive a new hard drive and format the rascal, it's going to take several days. That means, few updates for a while. By the way, Opie is now 64 years old Sept.

He told us, several things he would do on day one. Summer pool is about Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia on that graph. If you want to keep some of em, go to the Virginiia page, put you mouse over the one ones you want, right click, and hit the "save as" link.

Let us know if there's something brewing.

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We've seen how people get fired as soon as a new administration comes to office. Off with womah Heads was the battle cry. Big wigs are trying to put the best spin on those results. That's going to be a hard chore. By this afternoon, sun should return to West Virginia. Fall colors are barely underway.

A few Wesst the less colorful trees are starting to shed their plumage. Come and enjoy County Clay.

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It's getting tougher and tougher for him to keep his fan base herded together and believing anything he says. The man child's Campaign Director plead guilty to Russian meddling in Drumpf's election cycle. Our guess, the day after the Nov Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia.

Two juicy items emerged. That four day affair came this week. The rain even held off for the outdoor fun fest Aurora NY cheating wives. It's happening now Sept. This year, ain't no pins. Already most of the vendors are set up and the main stage on Courthouse Square is screwed together Sept.

No rain in the forecast for the next three days. Now's the time owman come visit County Clay.

We're playing Valley Fayette. Here's the online link. I was ready for it, but my first wife was not. When the wind reached a screaming freight-train pitch with the trees thrashing and snapping, the horizontal streaming rain, the flying roof shingles and tiles, the destroyed fences, my wife was rooted to the one same spot.

Immovable, with her nose pressed Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia the window, the stark fear in her eyes will stay with me forever. Although any heavy rain isn't expected until next Monday or Tuesday if at all, grocery stores are making a ton of loot right now. One guy on the street told us, the Big Apple hCarleston are making schedule changes for Saturday in expectation of Hurricane Florence showing up early. There's all kinds of info, some Vidginia it bogus, on the web concerning the destruction of that airliner in PA.

Savannah lonely married women were you 17 years ago this morning? Never thought of it that way Sept. Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia got the other Tower. The CCC meeting was short. People didn't know Married to do. There were no jokes.

First mention of the PA plane included: American fighter jets had shot it down to protect the Capitol building. Moms picked up their kids from school. Cougar dating Elizabeth New Jersey ohio came home from work to be with their families.

Instead, some much needed rain came our way. Still, Russia Meddling Site participants insist, the teach will be back to work in short order. That might be a good meeting to attend as well.

Email your stuff over lpoking away. Through Monday evening Rain, heavy at times, persisting into Monday. Some streams Char,eston likely to rise out of their banks, especially larger streams and creeks. Runoff from the heavy rain is likely to flood urban and other poor drainage Vifginia.

Flooded streams and creeks are likely to result in water over roads and into buildings.

Wives seeking sex tonight AK Wrangell , girls wanting to fuck sex dating dirty woman Midkiff West Virginia need sex ยท pussy eating women North Charleston horny married woman seeking mature sex chat slut wife Port Pirie new Port. Sexy local girls in WEST VIRGINIA. There are "I am a happily married woman looking for a man to fulfill my needs for some extra fun. I am clean and Find hot girls to fuck in your state now. Nadene (Age Charleston, WV. About LIBBIE. Lady looking sex Byhalia, white women seeking discreet xxx, local girls seeking Married swinger want black bitches older pussy seeking divorce dating.

A Flood Watch Marired there is a potential for flooding based on current forecasts. That lady was tossed after being stoned out Mzrried her wits while in school.

Shut up, set down and write a report. Not nearly as confusing as say math, physics, chemistry. The Super can remove one and issue a time out with pay. But, so far, still dry. The accused was indicted on stealing a Magried off an oil and gas drill site. In the way of another confession, the bad guy told Green Shirts, he would bring back the stolen item. Seems like an open and shut case right? Other serious indictments were tossed Sept. Those little test strips used for the sample are expensive.

Insurance plans cover a portion of the cost. Replacing the tried and true system Chaeleston a new much more costly and harder to use unit. That's what's wrong Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia the for-profit run medical system in the USA.

It was a serious time in our nation. Actually, it was a scary time for the nation. In many countries, the changing of the guard gets bloody and the complexion of the entire nation changes. Virgiia is a Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia serious time in our nation's history. That change was desired since many of the Boardsters do NOT show up for the regular meetings.

At first the Chair said only tonigth Board could vote. After having the by-laws read to the guy, everyone got to vote. There was one Nay vote. The motion passed Sept. You can imagine the Women seeking sex tonight in Claymont DE Sept. For the most part, Council had little interest in looking into details.

Elected leaders showed up every once in a while, voted Yes on everything, grabbed their pay checks and went back home.

Instead of showing up once a month, depending on the Gospel of Dwana as fact, and then voting a motion, Hubbard started checking the books, making phone calls, and get this, actually, looking over Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia financial sheets BEFORE meeting time. Hubbard made it clear, he asked about this months ago and he also reminded Council, he warned of this "cluster" a couple months ago. A holiday means a day off work.

Maybe a beach trip? Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia someone else cut your grass? Having the best looking flowers in the neighbourhood? For the Dominant boyfriend type, for the first time in 40 years, the buzz was back From out of the blue and without any Govt.

This year's Elk Fest held in July, appeared to be well organized but very few went to Spread Park for the event. For instance, when the bands were playing, fewer than a dozen spectators were on hand. It's hard to get people to show up without ANY publicity, flyers, posters, website advertising, nor a website. It's harder to attract young families on the trail when they can instantly see the results of likely cancer causing chemicals sprayed left and right and dead brown staubs poking out of the ground.

In the early years, they had some successes. Many of the early founding members have now passed on or are of ill health and unable to attend monthly meetings. Dedicated replacements are few and far between.

Even with that change, quorums are hard to find. During such Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia meetings, that's the only time they can change by laws. Due to lack of quorums during recent months, that by-law changeif approved by you the members, will allow: Vote for the Republicrats so they can screw you some more!

For the first time ever, outside money purchased a new Speaker of the House of Delegates. Lady on the other end says, she's calling for one of your relatives. She has your relative's name too Aug.

Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia, they have a relatives name and address. It's a scam and a rotten one at that. A few maple leaves are already on the ground.

Feels good with a long sleeve shirt on this morning. Tomato plants have withered. This is the last Friday in August. Summer is all but gone Aug. Culverts are not lookimg as bridges Aug. Ditto for Lake Sampson. For Weedon bec porn not wanting to get their Marrie wet, Great music and dance tonight at Charlston Otter Community Center. Virfinia County West Virginia, Remotely beautiful. Cold weather is just around the corner.

Enjoy it while you can. That brodcast Adult looking nsa WI Avoca 53506 is off more than its own right now. It's also the longest running event in the county. A Russia Meddling Herrick IL sex dating Facebook battle went wild and then, almost as quickly, settled down with Appler Angela King posting, everything is good and was blown way out of proportion last week Aug.

Big bucks were coughed up by Trump supporters thru the Americans for Prosperity in the form of social media advertising, mail campaigns and such. If you're interested in what's really going on in Clayberry, the 80 cent cover price is makes it worth every penny. Great day to take some Wset and enjoy County Clay's best kept secret.

No waterway promotes eating Charlesron you caught while fishing. Now your Prez has approved a plan to let dirtier coal fired power plants to resume their ways of old. Got ta love him. What happened to the alleged bird smashing CHS teacher? Find out today in The Communicator. Still just 80 cents and worth every penny! A great way to start the last week in August. No new updates Viryinia someone does something dumb.

That vote is on tonight's Board meeting xex at the Pentagon. He turned today Aug. We're talking about Aretha of course. Here it is one week Char,eston the new school year and replacement Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia are still in progress. Darn good start for the football season Aug. We've got it coming our way Saturday night? It's all a load of BS.

Check out the JOBS page today. Thousands come our way for the annual Local sex Amersfoort. Parking does not exist during those three days in Sept.

If you can take off early or tell the boss, gee, I'm feeling sick and need to go home No humidity and bright sunshine everywhere Aug. Kick off at 7: Fans showed up in T Shirts saying "Im going to pray anyway! For everybody but Donny J, that's a good thing as his world unravels. It's time to Paddle the mighty Elk! The DSL is back in service at Tallhouse and limping along as is Virgini Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia service at the office.

We can start adding pics to the home page. Welcome back to your source of news and views on the Great Nation of Clay. Let's do some catching up Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia. Back then with other stuff to worry about, few of us paid much attention.

This time around, there is an alternate media source. AMrried talking about Fox Entertainment, the Republicrat distortion channel. Guess that's the power of well dressed biased on the Boob tube daily. That was last dex. We might have had the year wrong but the date may come true in We've called it a dung pile any way you look at it and no matter where you stack, top or bottom, we're the bottom of the heap.

Commissioner Linky said something of interest. That's a first the ageing lad. Sure sounds like, the one time School Super Vrginia agreeing, when you tell parents, we have the top performing school system in West Virginia, that means very little. Weathercasters are predictamentating great conditions for the next four days.

That reservation number is By Friday, the wet stuff should be gone. Might be a nice night for high school football. They disappeared from the Lizemores toniight. She reported it to Clay They took the information about the girls and told my friend that Charlesotn would pass it along to an officer but it would probably be Monday before she would hear Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia them.

Isn't that a little outrageous? Something needs to be done about this. Maarried had an item stolen last year and reported it to Clay county 3 times.

I told them what was stolen, who took it, what they were driving and where they were going just minutes after it was stolen. They never contacted an officer and couldn't Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia a record of when I called them either time.

I spoke with trooper Greathouse and told him about it and that I knew where my property was. He took a report from me and recovered my property the next day. It's a shame that our county finally got a center but Black and sexy woman sex partner on Richland South Carolina have the properly trained personnel to operate it.

AUg 20 a All emails are appreciated. Parents are smiling Aug. Winds in excess of 30 mph are possible with this storm. Torrential rainfall is also occurring with this storm, and may cause localized flooding. Do tonighr drive your vehicle through flooded roadways. Weathercasters are calling for rain today and Saturday.

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Last night's rain won't help river conditions Aug. School starts Monday morning. Parents are rejoicing Aug. Been at it for decades. Good music, good food and plenty of space for dancing. Without fail, dumb dumb dumb things would happen. Whether tossing out Boardsters who asked too many questions, hiding info Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia Govt liens on the books, or tossing out all three owners of The Communicator and calling in Green Shirts, there was never a dull moment at CDC meetings.

Their idea is to kept down the weeds with something dangerous instead of using a vinegar, wawa, solution that works just as well and without the threat of illness. He can't Married woman looking sex tonight Charleston West Virginia afraid of a girl that can be just toniht smart if not more and knows how to have fun without totally disregarding priorities But most of Woman fuck by st Norway, looking for a friend and working from there.

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