Stay Home…
Getting back to basics

Our toddler likes classic emo music.

He refers to it as the “Stay Home music”, because that’s the title of the American Football song that he’s been falling asleep with for nearly two years now. The steady rhythm, repetitive patterns and soft vocals just hit the right spot, and what began as something to put him to sleep on long car rides is now a nightly routine.

I need routine in my life. Some months ago I shared my experiments with time management, a morning and evening routine that I had just begun. While I tried to maintain momentum, changes at home and early days with a toddler and infant in the house eventually wore me down and the routines faded.

And yet again, this blog went on hiatus when I couldn’t keep up the weekly posts. I blamed it on lack of sleep, not enough hours in the day, but a big part of my struggle is lack of routine. I need my own “Stay Home music”.

So instead of writing a half-assed attempt at “what I’m drinking”, in which I lament my pitiful palate and lack of mindful practice tasting coffee, I decided to be completely honest: I’m just not tasting coffee these days. I’m drinking it out of habit, and I always say it tastes good, but my ability to discern flavor has atrophied to the point where all coffee tastes the same.

It’s time to get back to basics, time for a fresh start. Throw out everything I think I know about coffee brewing and just focus on flavor, brewing and tasting coffee, one day at a time.

And to make this possible, I need to get my routines back. Over the next week, I will begin a new morning routine, starting with what I know worked in the past, but adding in some quality coffee time each day. To set myself up for success in the wee hours, I’ll establish a new evening routine to help wind down and prepare myself for the next day.

I’m going back to my goal of brewing only in one device (Hario V60), while also sticking to our Handground coffee grinder for each cup. Perhaps I’ll find a piece of music to accompany my coffee ritual and help guide my focus, the way that “Stay Home” guides our toddler to sleep each night.

Check back next week, as I hope to share the details of my new morning routine once it’s all figured out.