Getting back to the basics

Welcome to The Coffee Minimalist, my new coffee-focused home on the web. More than just a blog, this is a space to share every detail of my coffee journey, from bean to cup. Here are some things you can expect to find as time rolls on:

  • Coffee photography – Oh yeah, I’m on Instagram, but with photography as my primary hobby prior to diving deep into the world of specialty coffee, there is more to my photos than square-cropped shots of my daily pour.
  • Weekly brew notes – Coffee is a daily ritual in our house, and I try to record each brew to better understand what’s happening in the cup.
  • Roasting notes – I’m currently a home-roaster, bringing in green coffee beans and roasting them on a small drum roaster, so all future roasts will be well documented in this space.
  • Cupping notes – While I’ve been to a few cupping classes, I haven’t had nearly the practice I need, so I aim to make cupping a weekly focus.
  • Coffee gear reviews – My thoughts and experiences with the variety of brew methods available.
  • Travel notes – From Tampa to Seattle, New York to Tokyo, I’ve spent countless hours in some amazing coffee shops, and I can’t leave the house without looking for amazing coffee.

So why The Coffee Minimalist?

Minimalism is all about focusing on the essential, practicing deliberate focus, and coffee invites this with open arms. Whether I’m brewing a pour over, watching the gram scale and trying to control the turbulence in the coffee bed, or staring intently at my roaster waiting for first or second crack, focus makes coffee better, and that’s all I hope to accomplish.

Make coffee better.

20140704_131216I think that’s a good place to start.