Perq Coffee Bar – Sarasota, Florida

Blogger’s note: It’s been a rough day, didn’t get a chance to write anything until late and I’m pretty worn out. But at least I have a few coffee posts from my old blog to share! Fresh roasted content will return tomorrow…

Perq Coffee Bar, Sarasota, Florida

Perq Coffee Bar in Sarasota, Florida is simply beautiful. From the wood-lined walls and bar, to the butcher block tables and soothing grey tones throughout, the atmosphere is warm and pleasing to the senses. Splashes of bright green color appear in shelves and even the bar towels, all chosen to match the beautiful 2-group Slayer espresso machine.

As is my custom, I ordered two drinks: a single-origin Kalita pour-over, and a Flat White, both prepared with Kilenso coffee from Ethiopia, roasted by Coava Coffee Roasters in Portland. The pour-over was smooth and light, and I absolutely loved the flat white.  I value an espresso beverage that doesn’t cover up the quality of the beans.

Perq Coffee Bar

Just check out that interior design! The cold brew stations hanging in the air over the back bar, the long service counter for any variety of manual-brewed coffee, multiple grinders, multiple hot water dispensers, it seems they really have everything a coffee professional could want. It must be a fun place to work, and I had the pleasure of chatting with the owners, both cool people.

Perq rotates their coffee offerings, always 4 single origins, including 1 decaf. I wish I could get down there more often. My first visit was primarily dominated by me drooling over their espresso machine, but now I’m more apt to taste every coffee they have on the menu, in a variety of brewing styles. If you’re in the Sarasota area, be sure to check this place out!

Perq-110135Perq Coffee Bar
1821 Hillview Street
Sarasota, Florida 34239
Open Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm & Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-4:00pm

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