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Last week I mentioned that I’ve been spoiled recently by certain Ethiopian naturals, and it’s time to shine a spotlight on my favorite coffee of 2015 (so far): Amaro Gayo from Revelator Coffee Company.

If you don’t already keep up with specialty coffee news, you may not have heard about Revelator, but that’s soon to change. Backed by an ambitious team with a specific goal, Revelator aims to create a new level of specialty coffee to the South. As someone who lives in Florida, I can speak to the fact that we have plenty of awesome people doing amazing things in isolated pockets throughout the southern states, but Revelator wants to do it bigger, and they’ve put effort into their message and branding beyond simply roasting some beautiful coffees.

Yet they do roast beautiful coffee; it’s not just a fancy show. When I say that their naturally processed Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia is my favorite coffee of 2015, I mean it. A bright mouthful of berries, yet full-bodied and rich, I am sad that my sample bag is already long gone!


I was lucky enough to score a sample box while at Coffee Fest Atlanta earlier this month, after stopping by their booth to thank Emma, Revelator’s director of coffee, for the wonderful insights she shared during the Third-Wave Coffee Roasters Town Hall. Most of all, I appreciated her focus on coffee quality and seasonality, and the care she exhibited for the communities and people who grow our precious beans. I knew I wanted to check out their coffee after getting this peek into the personality behind Revelator, and the sample box was an awesome surprise.

The coffee, however, was even better! I quickly fell in love with the Ethiopian, as it surpassed even my favorite Ethiopian roasts from last year with even greater character. The other sample, a Karimikui Peaberry from Kenya, was further from my preferred flavor profile, but I appreciate the complexity in character. After tasting both coffees, and hearing Emma speak about their business, I wondered: why hadn’t I tasted Revelator Coffee before now?

It’s all in their focused approach.

Revelator is not going after online retail business, and my personal reach only extends to parts of Florida and up the east coast (i.e. the coffee shops and roasters I can visit as part of a family vacation)Revelator Coffee Company is based in New Orleans, and they just opened their first retail space in Birmingham late last year, with shops in the works for New Orleans and Chattanooga in the near future. All iconic southern cities, it’s clear their goal to create a brand synonymous with “the South” is on point, and it will be interesting to watch their plans take shape.

If you’re lucky enough to live in or near Birmingham, do yourself a favor and check out their beautiful coffee bar:

Revelator Coffee Company
1826 3rd Avenue North, Unit 101
Birmingham, AL 35203

Also be on the lookout for their upcoming shops in New Orleans and Chattanooga, as each one is bound to be a quality experience all around.

And if you do stumble into their shop, see if you can grab me a bag of that Amaro Gayo while you’re there!

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