Coffee Travels:
Trilogy Coffee Roasting

If you follow me on the social medias, you may have seen me promoting a Kickstarter campaign recently for Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co. I hadn’t been to Deland in years and wasn’t aware of Trilogy until one of my coffee friends shared their campaign. I eagerly jumped on board, and since my wife and I are trying to do as much coffee touring as possible before the new baby arrives, I scheduled a visit on the first available Saturday.

Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co. is a small family company that started out roasting and selling coffee at farmers markets, growing the specialty coffee market in Deland until it could support a retail space. With one tiny room in an old house turned multi-retailer space, Trilogy setup the most efficient coffee bar I’ve seen thus far.

Behind the cashier, you can look to the left and see where your coffee starts, with a 1kg workhorse from Mill City Roasters that Trilogy owner Clay uses to crank out small yet consistent batches. Glance to the right and you have a well-appointed pour over bar complete with cold brew tap, everything you need close at hand without needing to take a single step. And of course, between these two sides of the space lies this beautiful Slayer:


It’s truly an awesome sight, at least to a minimalist who appreciates a small space, but I’m sure the folks behind the counter look forward to their new shop. I got a peek at the outside of the building (pictured above) and can’t wait to visit once the build out is complete. With a new roaster on the way, Trilogy will be setup to handle increasing demand while also providing a real cafe space for their community.

During our brief visit, I enjoyed an espresso along with a flat white, and picked up some beans to take home, including a big bag for our next round of cold brew (more on that later…). The drinks were excellent, and I expect interest in specialty coffee will continue to grow in Deland as more people discover just how good coffee can taste.


The people behind Trilogy are doing great work, and I look forward to seeing their vision come together in the new building. Until then, their current space is well worth a visit if you’re in the Deland area.

Trilogy Coffee Roasting Co.
Current shop (as of July 2016):
117 W Howry Ave
DeLand, FL 32720
Open Monday 7:30am–10am, Tuesday–Thursday 7:30am–6pm, Friday 7:30am–8pm, Saturday 8:30am–3pm

New location coming soon:
123 S Florida Ave
DeLand, FL 32720