The year so far

2016 has been a crazy year so far.

I gave up blogging, took myself completely out of social media, even resorted to batch brew for most of our daily coffee, yet somehow I found myself with less and less time to work on anything. Where did the time go? How could I give up my hobbies and social connections, cut back on every non-essential part of my day, and somehow end up with fewer hours in the day?

Well, I have a theory: when you are passionate about something, when you are driven, you create time. By doing things that make you happy, by putting energy into the world around you, each day becomes a little bit longer.

So despite my goal of taking a year off from social media, I’m back. The first five months of the year were rough, getting dragged down by sickness and lack of sleep. I slacked off with home coffee brewing, stopped recording anything in my journal, even let our cold brew grow stale to the point where our kegs need some serious cleaning. Plenty of awesome coffee passed through this house, but not a single cup over the last few months was extracted properly.

Of course, I missed Coffee Fest and SCAA, the winter throwdown at Vespr and even the second TNT here in Lakeland a couple months back. I slowly amassed a pile of unread coffee magazines, and soon I was completely out of touch with the world of specialty coffee.

I just stopped paying attention, and I stopped actually tasting coffee.

I thought I had good reason to give up on coffee. My son (2 years old in a couple weeks) is growing fast and needing more of my focus. We have another boy on the way late this summer, so family time is everything. Projects at work continue to pile up, and I still have a long way to go cleaning out the clutter at home.

But the coffee bar is always here, silently waiting for some attention. So I’m not going to run away anymore. I’m going to spend more energy exploring the specialty coffee scene that’s been steadily growing while I was away, and I’m going to get back to brewing better coffee every day.

I’m going to create some time, because I’m tired of the days being too short to fully enjoy.

(Shout out to Cat & Cloud for cranking out so much positive energy with their podcast that I was inspired to jump back into coffee. Check out their Kickstarter campaign and help them open their retail shop because these guys have an awesome vision for the specialty coffee community!)

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  1. I can sympathize with this. It’s easy to bogged down, lose focus and let passion dull. I’m currently trying to refocus myself and re-engage as well. Good luck!

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