What is The Coffee Minimalist?

When I put the blog on hold until May, my expectations were rather optimistic. I thought I would sneak in some writing time every weekend before the kids woke up, get several posts written and scheduled to stay ahead. I thought I could throw together some video and bring new life to this oft-neglected space.

As I begin writing this in the playroom, watching our 8-month old crawl back and forth, I realize how foolish my expectations were. Life is not the same as when I first started writing about coffee. In fact, it’s remarkably different from even the more recent periods of regular blogging.

So right now, I’m thinking back to where I was when this blog began, both in family life and in coffee, and how much things have changed since then…

Then: September 2014

I was a new father, our first son only three months old when I started The Coffee Minimalist. I may not have been getting much sleep, but aside from the occasional diaper change or walk in the stroller, my responsibilities were few.

I had more energy to devote to hobbies, and we were still in the early discovery era with specialty coffee. New coffee gear was steadily trickling in, and I was keeping up with the industry by reading every trade magazine I could get.

There was so much free time, I could dabble in home-roasting and practice cupping on a regular basis. We traveled as a family and visited coffee shops wherever we went, and our infant son didn’t mind if we sat for an hour to enjoy the cafe atmosphere.

Now: May 2017

Two and a half years later, things are very different. Our oldest is only a month away from turning three, and his younger brother is constantly on the move. Laundry, cooking and other household chores have substantially increased as our family grows, and sleep continues to be a precious and rare commodity.

Our coffee bar has evolved as well, but after a couple of years of constant growth, we’re moving back to the basics. Visits to coffee shops are a bigger challenge with two boys, and with more family time spent at Disney, there are no specialty shops in our vacation destination of choice.

I have a stack of coffee magazines that never get read, and my cupping bowls are used only to measure beans. It’s been over two years since my last trade show, and with less time to listen to podcasts, I’m even behind on my favorite coffee shows.

So I’m left asking myself “What is The Coffee Minimalist?”

What am I doing here? What are my goals, and what do I hope to learn from writing this blog? Where does specialty coffee fit into my life now that family time is so important?

I don’t have any answers to these questions yet. I believe there are bits and pieces of the puzzle hidden in previous posts, things like time management, routine, focus, and a limited brew menu. It’s a matter of eliminating the noise and pulling together what is important to create a clear picture.

If I can keep up with weekly updates, perhaps I will start to find what I’m looking for. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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