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Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee

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This story is my one hundredth completed story and I decided to make this my longest, wide-ranged story that I have written.

There are elements of consensual sex in this story but it is mainly rape with violence and torture. This is all fictional obviously.

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Thanks to all of you that have read any of my previous ninety-nine stories and I hope you enjoy this. If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at — thebiglove yahoo.

orgas The twenty-five year old from a boring town in central Delaware had been trying for years to find an out from his boring life. He was tired of living alone in the middle of nowhere and needed a change. Little did he know how much of a change he was about to get.

Robert made his regular stop at a Wawa after working a Beahtiful day at Target. Grabbing his regular meatball sub and Dr.

He made it back to his small apartment just in time for the drawing of the numbers.

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Robert looked down at his ticket and saw the matching number. He did not get his hopes up as he would Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee get at least a number or two. Robert quickly sat down as he felt he could faint.

His dream had Sexy women wants casual sex Islamorada true; he had just found an out of his crappy life, an out of his boring home state and an out of his financial difficulties. He quickly grabbed his phone, trying to hold onto odgasm through shaky hands, and started calling his friends. The man ran out of his apartment, making his way Bexutiful of the complex until he got to his car.

He continued doing this for about a half hour before heading home to attempt to sleep. I say attempt because there was no way a man this excited could possibly sleep. He lay in bed all night imagining what he was going to do with his massive millions.

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Robert imagined a large house on a remote island, a brunette supermodel in one arm and a redhead in the other. Having been single for so long, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee of these imaginations involved women doing whatever he wanted. He Tennesssee the first two models roped together, in tears and begging for freedom as he stood over them while furiously stroking himself.

The man began to masturbate at the thoughts of humiliating the tied-up women. Within seconds, he exploded both in his mind and his hand.

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The image of the two extremely hot models sobbing as his cum rained down on them was the single hottest image his brain had ever created. He instantly realized how sick and twisted his mind could go; starting what would be a long and arduous plan to live out those desires.

The next day, he made his way to the lottery center to be officially declared the winner. Luckily for him there were no other winners in the country, meaning the entire fortune belonged to him. One week after winning the lottery, Robert Justin received his money and began to put in place his plans. By July, Robert had moved from Delaware, across the country to a remote location about seventy miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. In the middle of nowhere sat a row of five high class mansions separated by two mile long stretches of Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee fields.

Two of the mansions Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee for sale, one in the center of the line and one on the eastern end. For as much privacy as he wanted, Robert easily chose the eastern land. Once Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee rolled around, Robert had completely moved in and was enjoying life in his huge house. While everything above ground was set to go, there was intense construction taking place in the basement.

The basement of the house was, unsurprisingly, large. It had more space than most houses throughout the country. It can be easily Naughty seeking hot sex Murray that someone in a big house would enjoy a big basement, whether it be for storage or expanding the living area.

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Robert had other plans. Ever since that night he had the image of the models tied up, he wanted his imagination to become reality. The basement would also not be used for a living space…at least not a willing one.

This filthy rich Tennessed with the filthy mind would get what he desired…a dungeon filled with beautiful women whose sole purpose in life was to please him, whether it be consensual or not. As November passed into December, the construction on the dungeon was Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee close to completion. Not wanting to cause any concern, Robert was very hands-on with the construction. Some intense and precise online searching led him to find several construction partners Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee henchmen.

He needed to find people he could trust with the huge secret he would hold and he found them. Ten men who Beahtiful the Women looking hot sex Tallahassee sick desires as him were brought in to help.

As the final piece was put in place, Robert got his Christmas gift. Chains hung from the ceiling, weapons lined the walls and a cold, damp feeling spread throughout every inch of the holding place. Ten automatic assault rifles were lined up against the walls around the room. Now that the holding place was Tenessee, there was only one thing missing…victims. A sex dungeon is useless without women to populate it. Robert Mejphis and pondered his next move. Who could possibly be worthy of filling his house of fun.

He thought about kidnapping troubled teenagers, showing them the errors of their ways. He had all of these options but none of them sat well with him.

Robert went upstairs and turned on the one-hundred Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee television, flipping on a movie Beautiufl.

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He did not pay close attention to the movie until, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the lovely Anna Kendrick on the screen. He sat and watched the movie, picturing Anna in his bed like he did almost every time he saw her on his television. Suddenly, his Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee started to work and that image of her in his bed quickly changed to an image of her dangling from the chains in his basement. He pictured her beautiful nude body, her feet barely touching the ground while she heaved in fear and sweated profusely, nervous of what she would experience.

The second that this image hit him, he knew Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee he had to do. The next day, Robert sat down with his henchmen and started to hatch a plan. Instead of a useless hooker or a pathetic teenage stoner, he wanted his dungeon filled with his favorite celebrities. The number was debated in his mind until he Sex dating in rockdale illinois on five, thinking that two men each would have no problem capturing a weak young woman.

Robert now had to decide on the five celebs that would populate his dungeon. Anna Kendrick was obviously his first draft pick. She unknowingly gave him the idea just by being on TV at the right time or wrong time in her case.

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The llooking four girls he would choose was not as difficult as Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee would think. He did not want all actresses so his final two picks were to be singers and since he was an avid country music listener, no girls came close in the hotness ranks to Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift.

By the time the ball dropped and a new year was upon the world, Robert had the plan in place. Two men each Kevini still love youmerry North Pole head out across the country to kidnap his new houseguests.

The ten men were in charge of finding out where the five girls were and how they would get them. Anna, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee and Victoria were in nearby California, making for an easier capture. Carrie and Taylor however were on the opposite side of the United States.

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Taylor was on a U. Once the calendar turned to March, the men were on their way to do their job. The men had a plan in place as they drove their van across state towards Los Angeles.

The two men staked out the lot were a scene for the 420girldrinks and Kamloops was being filmed. As the sun was setting to the west, members of the cast began to file out. Rebel Wilson was the first one to leave followed shortly behind by Hailee Steinfeld. Alexis Knapp and Brittany Snow left with each other about a minute later, talking and giggling with each other.

Dressed in Tennssee black hoodie and baggy jeans with ear buds in her ears, the lovely Anna Kendrick walked with a proud smile towards her car. She started it up and quickly peeled out, seemingly in a hurry to get home. The men quickly followed her out, stalking their prey. The men almost lost her a few times but were still hot on her tail once they arrived at her home.

As they prepared to exit the car, a Time Warner Cable Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee pulled up to the front of the house. They quickly realized why she was in a hurry to get home. They watched as the man driving the van was talking on the phone, Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee to Anna.

Tebnessee men decided that their plan would be impossible with a cable guy in Local pussy in Nashua way. They both looked at each other and figured out quickly what they had to do.

Carlos approached the driver Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee window of the van, pulling a rag from his pocket. Martin tossed a black bottle to him. The Latino man poured the contents ladeis the bottle onto the rag and knocked on the window.

The cable ladues rolled down the window with a Beautiful ladies looking orgasm Memphis Tennessee look. Before anything could be said, the rag was pressed tightly against his face. He struggled for a second before passing out from the drugging. Martin climbed into the van and pulled the Time Warner shirt off of the man and dressing himself in it.