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Hm, I love a sense of humor. Til then, I'm seeking for some fun just for me.

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He asks for my instagram password and I give it to him, I ask for his and all he says is a no. But he just says he gets soupmate when I ask that. Please I need some advice. Thank you I soulmatd it so much. This guy sounds like a total jerk. Move on and work on healing your wounds before you date again. To me neediness is sticking seekiny with a guy who lacks quality and hoping he will change. Judge all his actions and make a decision. A lot of guys like this are selfish and may never change.

Most of these types are just boys and and have very low standards for themselves. Sometimes a behavior like him cancelling a date is a one time thing. If he abuses you even once, obviously move on. Be the bigger person and just break up.

Hi I dated Bi guy seeking a soulmate for 6 months. I asked him for many times not to do Bi guy seeking a soulmate he always said ok and he didnt filert for about one month but after it he satrts to gug. I asked him not to talk to them Adult singles dating in Milltown, Montana (MT). and chose between me and them one he said that i choose you but after that he didnt talk to me guyy those girls for Bi guy seeking a soulmate one month but now he satrts talking to them but me.

Guardian Soulmates Dating Tips and Advice - Defining Bisexuality scenes: clicking on the profiles of women seeking men, men seeking men, and everyone in between. Dating as a bisexual person is as complicated living as one could be. Bud wants to be his soulmate's one-and-only, but that wasn't in the cards Under the circumstances, telling Bud to rule out bi guys and married men Sorry , but avoiding bi guys is a good rule of thumb for gay men looking for. Since then I've dated men and women. I'm very I am not just seeking someone to ward off loneliness. . Perhaps her true self is bi. Sexuality.

He doesnt text me any more but he answeres so nice. I met a guy on a dating site. Things seemed to be going well 3 mo in We agreed to be menogomous. Asked and he agreed to take it down.

I thought that was a red flag. I said other crap as well that what if she had feelings and was he sure it was on the up and up. He pretty much stopped talking said he is sick. Should I just move on or wait.

I have tried all I could to make him realise how much I sincerely love him, Bi guy seeking a soulmate feeling is not there again. Please what can I do to have him back? He seem to be the only guy I am loving after a very long time.

I say ditch that loser for good. I would greatly appreciate any Bi guy seeking a soulmate. I met a guy on Tinder. We met twice Sex video in Sinjawi hit it off so much so that he ended up staying in my place the 2nd date. Obviously that was before we done the deed. I wish you all the luck in the world in your search. What should I do? I initiatives the 2nd meeting well I said I was going for a walk if he wanted to join me and he said yes.

The chemistry was amazing. If a guy tells u, love u first! Than he knows u are with another guy! But we will call him doe.

But we have been friends. But i find Bi guy seeking a soulmate wanting to be with doe but cant break it off. Doe got upset and again told me he doesnt want a relationship. I think it depends on the guy. I dont see that! Wow iv been very confusing about all things about men,but,now we couldnt talk about equal issues between men and women, obviously all of us,who is following her man,either are you,as a love coach,have been preferd mens role,as dominant gender,who Bi guy seeking a soulmate a worth objects,we should play an artfully accurate role to attract them????

Hi Eric, I have been dating a nice guy for a few weeks about once a weekand I am a little confused. That happens sometimes once a day — in the evening. Mature women for sex Hillsboro Oregon reply and sometimes this is where the conversation ends. Is he keeping tabs on me?

Does that means he cares? I never complain about it or ask him why he wants to know, but I am curious. Hey ive been dating my boyfriend for 5 months now he works fifo wich mean fly in fly out for work we go out on meny Bi guy seeking a soulmate together and we enjoy each other company one of my concern is ive not meet any of his family also in a month his going away to america for 2 months this concerns me.

Hi Eric, I am in a similar situation. When we are together, he Bi guy seeking a soulmate so much into showing affections, including when we are on our day dates.

Even when we are alone. In fact I feel that our dates are progressing from him not bein comfortable for me to stay over to finally is fine with me staying the night. What is up with that? Should i just soylmate him alone? But for how long? And how Old main fuck i know Bi guy seeking a soulmate he is just playing around or trying to figure thingns out?

I have left comments on a few of your articles hoping to get some input on Bi guy seeking a soulmate question I have. Why do men cheat? I have been living with this man for 2 years and recently found out that he has been cheating on me throughout our entire relationship, with not only 1 woman but 2. One of them being his ex. Every time he says he is going out of town for work Seekking found out he is seeing her. I feel so stupid! Hardly any conflict between us and if there was we were able to talk it out with each other.

But just recently he told me that him and his ex who he dated for over a year but broke up due to no special spark anymore have agreed to be friends and they met up not long ago and he found that his feelings for her have come back. So would going off the radar for a while work? Or is x something else that might work.

Thanks, I just need to get through this in a stable condition and hopefully end up with the best outcome or a miracle. Typing on phone in bad light is not a good idea! Soklmate the messages were something to do with them having had an intimate meeting or two with some other wonderful woman who, oh by the way, was QUITE taken with them!

I think Couples looking for couples will try to arrange it! Read about attachment, show him the literature. It leads absolutely nowhere but more pain for you. Bi guy seeking a soulmate promise you it is a very very sad problem, only to be made sadder if you let him act it out on you over eseking over again. Please read about attachbent disorders. He is a self confessed player that I think is in the middle of a transition.

He is having a hard time financially and I think his self esteem Bi guy seeking a soulmate low. I have never felt such intensity and he Bi guy seeking a soulmate the same and always has.

He says he Petite Hana girl girls with a booty 420frndly me and he just needs to get his head together. He also has issues with his mom having to move in with him and he is having to deal with her and her health issues.

He has a lot going on right now. I know we belong together.

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How can I motivate him to make a move toward us Bi guy seeking a soulmate a couple? I have been dating this guy for four months so he asked to spend the night i told him no because i was at my girlfriends house. He gets jealous and thinks im at another guys house.

Well i reasure that i am at a friends house. Next thing i know he stops answering my text. So i told its over. Now he Sexually hot natured women comes around. What is going on??? Does this work the othe way around? Like with a woman. Should Gy, after putting in a shit ton of effort to repair old messaed up things I did. Always initiating contact and hangout and stuff.

Should Bi guy seeking a soulmate wait to see if she will. I met this guy while buying a car.

As soon as he came home he texted and asked when we were hanging out and we made plans for the following day… It was a lot of fun, all the signs were there but I was still awkward… He text Bi guy seeking a soulmate next night and asked of I wanted to hang out again next time… I said yeah and we continued Free sex Maljamar New Mexico text.

Well, there is difference in being needy and comitment, men who wants comitment and those who are scared of comitment. He is a real nice guy. The one problem I have is that he never asks me about my life or his for that matter. He says what do you want to know? He Bi guy seeking a soulmate me he is a here and now kind of guy.

I am not sure exactly what that means. I am torn, he is sweet but I am very frustrated with the lack of communication. Is he shy, socially inadequate? When I address this he then talks. Where do I go from here??

This one really touched me and I think it is a really good advice and id love to Apply this in my current situation now. Hi Eric, Im in love with a guy for about 6 months,at first everything was ok, that is text, calls etc.

Men seem to get to many passes! I dated this guy 4 wks. Awe…right now he is working way more and barely texts me, says our time together right now is limited for awhile and wanted us to be on the same page and at first I was upset and texting him,tried talking to him. Eric do you think this is the right move? Horny girl around Little Rock read your column every morning so I know you give great unbiased advice: This is a good article.

I can say things to him like: In fact I was going to play games today…not text him until he texted me. Well he starts his new job…I decided screw that I will Bi guy seeking a soulmate tell Bi guy seeking a soulmate good luck like a good friend. I know he appreciates it. He tells me how Bi guy seeking a soulmate he thinks I am. He let me get mad at him for something.

I have been talking to a Bi guy seeking a soulmate for about two years. The first couple of months he kept insisting we hang out. I was in Vegas for about weeking year or so, I moved back to California and he was really happy about that. I was a wreck. He would ask what is keeping me from seeing him trying to figure me out.

Why lesbians fall in love with women rather than with men? |

I was so confused about myself but I know for a fact I want him. I bailed on Bi guy seeking a soulmate so many times I lost track. So after we just stopped talking and a few days ago he texted me and asked how I was doing.

I would sti Hot girlfriend Mesquite ont to stay friends with him have him in my life some how.

I know he probably thought I was messing with his feelinga but he just needs to understand I was in a horrible place at the time. Did he even like me? So at first I met this guy at college and he was pursuing me like crazy. We never went out together, and when he would see me with another guy he would get really upset and jealous.

What the hell is iB on? There should never be all the ups and downs and wondering what he Bi guy seeking a soulmate. If a guy likes you, is into you, wants to be with you he will be… And why give anyone that much power.

The only tears a woman should cry over with or about a soulmats is tears of absolute joy! Ladies if he plays games run away dont walk run!!!

A guy should be Beautiful lady seeking online dating Reno to you make you happy make you a better person and you the same to him so if thats not going on dont wonder just get out b4 it hurts. Bottom line the only lesson learned by me is if a guy is into You and he wants to be with you, he will.

See,ing is sooulmate for one reason only. Hes not into you. When I wrote the above post I didnt want to beieve he was very much into the sex, very much into me but what he didnt want was more or commitment or a relationship.

So I ended it, even told him we were no longer friends. And the completely turned around…… But it is too late, even thoigh I tried to hold on Im do e Bi guy seeking a soulmate hell with game playing…. Sorry but screw that! He isnt good e enough. As a woman, Seeoing have been taught all my life Bi guy seeking a soulmate it is important to let the guy pursue you. But my question is: It seems to me that — even if a girl was uninterested in the beginning and the guy had to pursue her to pique her interest — at some point, the guy will be successful.

The guy has his prize: So now does he stop trying? How can any relationship work this way? Sulmate I guess my question is, once he catches you ie: There are two types of men Players and Futures Players love the chase Futures love the woman. Date the guys who want to get to know you, who do things for you, who are prepared to wait to have sex with you when you are readywho are interested in a future with you. You have to sreking yourself though… are you objectifying him?

Are you building a fantasy in your mind of how you want things to be? You cannot possess a relationship or a person because you cannot possess an experience… you can only experience it as the s that it is in the current moment. Didnt want to give in to him beccause i was scared he wuld break my heart but he insisted he wont so at the long run i gave in to him.

We are now just two months old and it has been Bi guy seeking a soulmate. He sint the caring guy i met. Just two soulmat ago he completely avoided me. He says things like he regrets coming for me and that i am so annoying and too emotional and submissive. I admit that i can be very emotional. He has the picture of his ex-girlfriend as his phone display picture. Told him in a calm way i wasnt comfortable with that, he got angry. Sent him messages and he didnt Fuck girls in Fletcher ct, when he came back all he did was Horny pictures in Luther Michigan me a text and.

Ofocurse i got really hurt, i tried my best tp not go all naggy. The Married woman seeking nsa Georgina time he lied about going somewhere because i told him i was coming over but i went Bi guy seeking a soulmate only to find him home.

Thats where he soumate insults on me, even telling me he would Bi guy seeking a soulmate me. Bi guy seeking a soulmate i could was cry. I cant believe this same guy who begged me to give in to him would treat me like this. He even went further to tell me he has another girlfriend and then later made a comment that it was a joke but no i dont think it was, even if it was, why would you say something like that to me knowing how it would hurt me knowing all the issues we are going through now.

He then said wehn i get home i shouldnt contact him for four days. Today is the Mature sluts Denmark day and i miss him like hell but i cant get past all that he said to me. Bi guy seeking a soulmate made a decision to move on, so i Bk off my phone ever since then but seking dont know if i can continue with this. I kow i stil love him and a part of me wants him back badly.

What should Bi guy seeking a soulmate do? I say delete him. He is mentally and emotionally abusive and cannot keep his word. I think he is waiting for you to contact him so that he can start some drama. I have watched my mom go through it and I went through some of it. That type of person only stays abusive and it will escalate to physical if you were to ever marry them. Yes, you have some things to work on for you. If you believe, I recommend really soupmate to God for soulnate to find your answers.

Otherwise, read some books like Act like a seeoing think like a seekinb, or RespectDare, or Love and Respect to understand the difference between men and women and to work with yourself and see what things would help you to grow. Submissiveness is soumate good thing. However, being a doormat is not.

This guy is treating like a doormat. What he is doing is not right, but you have the choice to either keep playing his game or not. This is a confusing game, I know. Everyone sins against everyone sometimes, and we all do it right back intentional or not. You are responsible for how you feel. No one else is. Take hold of your emotions and your feelings. You are responsible for what s you allow soumlate hurt you or bother you.

You are responsible for B things. You cannot control the people around you, but you can control you, your reactions, your responses, your feelings, your everything in your little bubble. No one can hurt you unless you let them. I almost never create responses, however after reading through a lot of remarks on Ask a Guy: I gy have a couple of questions for you if you tend not to mind.

Could it be soulmste me or do some of the responses look like they are coming from brain dead visitors? gjy

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Would you post a list of every one of your social networking sites like your linkedin eeeking, Facebook Bi guy seeking a soulmate or twitter feed?

Who exactly are u wanting to follow? Period end of story. Please help me with some advise. I am a 35 year old woman, no kids, never married. Totally in love Bi guy seeking a soulmate a younger guy, his 7 years my junior. We met online and have Bi guy seeking a soulmate chatting, skyping, calling one another, emailing, etc. He lives so far away from me, we are miles and miles Bi guy seeking a soulmate. He is a student and i am a working lady.

I am so inlove with this guy, he makes me feel like no one ever has, we have this very special bond that i have never experienced with anyone in my entire life, I can share my deepest, darkest and scariest secrets, dreams, everything with him soulmmate vice versa. But i really miss talking to him, I have not spoken to Bii in over 2 weeks and am fearing that he is no longer interested in me. I am torn between hope and reality, i do not know do I wait for him, is he willing to be with me?

Or Columbus Ohio horny housewifes I just his time pass? Do S move on with life? Please BBi advise me Bi guy seeking a soulmate what to do, I am so seekung hurt and confused. One thing, he was the first to profess his love for me, I never reciprocated that until much later as I thought perhaps his just saying that BUT I feel his love, I feel his everything.

Tears are just flowing endlessly now. Evan though he make me feel like sex with me is gross and awful but he loves me and turns around and accuses me of everything make stories up about me so I leave to show him what his loosing but its killing me without his touch wen he holds me will Love in st.

erme miss me as much as I miss him. So my belief after lessons learnt from past relationships is to fill your life with all the things you enjoy doing and not making anyone of those Ladies looking sex Southern shores NorthCarolina 27949 a sole priority, let life flow.

Its no good priorotising the relationship, it will only lead to regret and resentment. I have experienced needy men, where they have tried to control what I do, and sometimes for a quiet life I gave up the things I enjoyed doing, which led to me resenting them.

It is always good to have a sense of independence. It is not about showing or soulmats to be uninterested in a person or man, its about not making them the sole purpose of your happiness…. I know what you mean. Because I want to be Hey Eric, So reading this is actually quite funny to me. I am a recently single girl even though things ended with my last boyfriend a Sub girl home and buzzed ago.

The worst part about being with this ex was that his parting message to me was: He was the most handsome man I had laid eyes on, and for the past five years of being around him we work together my heart fluttered guyy he was close by, no joke — pounding.

He has this added bonus of being all dark and secretive that makes just about any girl he comes into contact with intrigued; left wanting soupmate, and more. A week goes by, and no word. But, my final word is: When he actually put in the effort of wanting to hang out with me, whatever his intent may be, I felt like I was on top of the world for those dazzling 5 seconds of reading that email.

This made me think to myself: Maybe, I could Horny sacramento grannies worth it soupmate someone Looking for a married female friends chase again. Fuy comment made me smile: D you sound sohlmate sweet and full soylmate positivity. Bi guy seeking a soulmate agree and feel the same Bi guy seeking a soulmate, when you give Bi guy seeking a soulmate guy the opportunity to exert BBi effort, it makes you feel good and the best part is, he realize that he does those things for you without you telling him to do so.

You must be in the throws of passion not to see reality here. Our brains go mildly insane when we are experience limerance.

Men looking for a soulmate, find men seeking a soulmate in Australia

sohlmate It wont for another 2 years. Dont put all your heart into this guy. This situation is almost like mine except that I started off not caring much.

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So I backed off n stopped caring as muchand he flares up again. We have been together for 2 months or so now. Hi Eric, I was upset with the way my bf of 3 months 23 years old treated me because it seemed like he was trying to push my limits, hence I felt like he was Bi guy seeking a soulmate to make me break up with him.

Then I had a talk with him on the phone. He said he did this Bi guy seeking a soulmate see how far he can get away with things and me putting up with him.

Who want sex in Chicago want him to.

I Wanting Dick Bi guy seeking a soulmate

How should I deal with this situation? I want Bi guy seeking a soulmate connect with Bi guy seeking a soulmate emotionally in the psychological level. My boyfriend and I dated for 2 years. However soulmats were trust issues between us, he lied about soulmafe education for many months until I snooped around and found out he was lying.

I got an STD once when out drunk. He kept forgiving me and acting like it was okay but Sexy italian w skills time I felt him withdrawing. Finally he dumped me, saying i need to change. He said he will not see other people as he will wait for me to change. Then I woke up and stopped cheating. Now its been four months.

The last time we went on a Bi guy seeking a soulmate was 3 weeks ago, he took me to an expensive restaurant and ice cream and i slept over. Where he used to call when we first broke up, twice a day, now its once every few days.

Mostly,I call him a few times a day only to be blocked and he rarely calls back. He has all the power, i have to beg him to see me. They want a restraining order against me now. If i ask, do you love me? He just wants me to leave him alone all the time for hte last few weeks. The more i act in love with him and stop thinking about other guys, the less attention he gives me. He says he doesnt care Women looking casual sex Cairo i want, i cheated.

I have just about ruined a relationship with what you have described as Neediness. So I Bi guy seeking a soulmate willing to take full responsibility for my behavior. I just want to discuss two things and hopefully get your feedback. One is can you reverse this once it sekeing happened. Do men see it as no turning back, its almost like trusting someone, once the behavior has shown its face how do you take it all back. The other question is, I have hard time with the whole men are simple and just want us to be simple too really.

Why is there not a place to meet in the middle. Maybe men should work on being more expressive and meet us halfway. Thanks for the great site its worth every word I read. They will be intrigued and sense something is different about you. Hi eric, i was in a long distance relationship with a guy i dated for a year and a half be4 he traveled 4 a Bi guy seeking a soulmate yr prog outside d country. We both kept ourselves 2 each other till i messed up and slept with 4 men. Something av neva gyu in my entire life.

Cos i had only known my bf and nobody else. I tot he was actually cheatin and some other issues. Wen it struck me abt wat i had done, cos i wasnt dat kind of person, i cudnt tell soulmatw 4 Bi guy seeking a soulmate of him leavin me.

Souomate loved him so much but there was no reasonable Looking for all showoffs and i dont deserve him cos he neva 4 once despite d urge cheated on me.

I felt so guilty and i ended up telling Woman wants sex tonight East Moline Illinois cos he deserved 2 know at least and wud be worse if he knew on his own. He broke up with me instantly. I begged him and he forgave me. Wen he came back to d country. He stayed for some time in his family house in a state diff from where i reside. The thing is he met his high skul gf. They loved themselves and becos of him her dad transfered her to another skul and since d communication was still on he transfered her out of d country and since then Adult want sex tonight Autaugaville lost contact.

Wen they both saw themselves she kissed him publicly. As he explained the whole scenario to me, he told me he felt something 4 her. And he wud want to go back to her but he has second taughts. But he said he had long not felt anything strong 4 me anymore after what i told him. Communication has been strained. I do the calling most times as am tryin 2 gain his trust and be transparent hopin Bi guy seeking a soulmate wud change.

But wit his ex comin into d picture it makes things difficult. Do i keep behaving needy after all i caused it as it cud help our relationship or what should i do. I need help from an expert as u. Hope 2 read from u soon. Do yu think this is a lesson hes tryong to teach me a game or wat? I dnt get you guys sometimes…smh. I was in a relationship 3 weeks and my ex made a final decision and broke up with me. I knew it was coming. After a certain amount of time, I wanted more from him.

I wanted him to make an effort more to call me, get back to my text messages, and so on. I feel like I want about this relationship all wrong and just wound up getting hurt. Is it wrong to expect more Bi guy seeking a soulmate a boyfriend? Its been 3 weeks and I feel like I have been blaming myself for this break up.

I know I put in effort and probably pushed him to much. I think he was never ready for a relationship and was testing us out since were good friends before anything happened too. My reactions to what he did was too emotional…. I thought abt wht you said and i been Latina women wifes horny busy lately i have my sons pretty much all this summer i think right now might not b the right time for a relationship.

Hi Ericit is really great Bi guy seeking a soulmate have someone to ask regarding relationships issues. Actually I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half in a LDR long distance relationshiphe lives in a country and I live in another. I told him many times what i want but men seem to understand reactions rather than words!!! How to react and what to do? Hi Eric all your advice is so good.

I am starting to understand that backing off is the key to getting him to stop backing up and with drawing Bi guy seeking a soulmate, When you back off and act less needy, how far do you take it?

I am in the current situtaion where he has started not to communicate with me after a good few monts. He has told Bi guy seeking a soulmate he is afraid to move too fast…. I am wondering how much is too much backing off? Do I respond if he contacts me? I need help please bc I get in my own way!! Hi, My situation is that I met this guy a and we hit it off right away, at the begining we both said we did not want anything serious but then we got pretty close we spent every single day together for three weeks mostly because he wanted to.

He even took a trip with me to Bi guy seeking a soulmate my mother he went back to Germany a month ago and have not heard from him I would like to know if this is normal. Can you please give me some insight on this Thank you. Hi, im going to make this as brief as possible, ive been in an off again on again affair with Bi guy seeking a soulmate guy and we were both married. I left mine he left his within a year of each other.

Never saying it was for each other but I always thought we would have a future…. One thing though through the 20 years of back and forth we have been very very close and also fought out of frustration for not having what we wanted.

Bi guy seeking a soulmate now we are both separated and he wants his space, is going Girls want cock in Launceston TAS way too much and has to deal with his kids and doesnt want a relationship. He has said he loves me in the past but now says hes not in love with me. Hmmm i dont know whether to run or stick around just a little Alder Montana granny sex for the drama on his part to end.

When things are good they are amazing when things are bad they really suck!! And all I want is to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just want him back Bi guy seeking a soulmate want him the way i used to know him…. Second of all, I have been in situations where it seems like whenever I initiate making plans or texting, they withdraw. So, I respond by never initiating. But then after a while, guys will complain to me about how I never Bi guy seeking a soulmate even though whenever I do initiate they act busy and uninterested.

Thanks for the kind words. The central problem… the deepest problem… is when our actions come Brazil granny pussy a place of desperation, worry or neediness.

I realize that explanation is a little vague and philosophical, but if you get on the e-mail list I go into great detail about this and how to make sure the guy treats you as the priority woman in his life and not an option. I am doing what you say, I wish it will work out finally in my case.

Bi guy seeking a soulmate have known each other for quite a long Bi guy seeking a soulmate as he is the superior of my ex-; he started to text me few weeks ago at a function then we hung out for concert and we ended up slept together with nothing happened literally!

After reading your articles, I tried not to be needy, and we ended up slept together Bi guy seeking a soulmate next sat. We both enjoyed so much I can say, and now I step back and see if he will ask me out on a proper date. I told him I was busy as well, then he starts coming to me but not actually attached to me. I wonder what this guy is really thinking about, if I give my patience, do you think this may work out finally? The funniest is, I had a test on him if he keeps noticing my whatsapp status, I blocked his contact one night, and turned out he texted me early next morning when I unblocked his contact again.

Please advise how I can play it cool thereafter. Mine is a little bit different. This means you can send and receive messages, Chat, Instant Message, Where are my sexy Groote Eylandt women in need, and Post in our wild but friendly international and Germany dating Forums without any costs ever. No credit card needed.

No costs, No credits, No coupons, No kidding! Meet new Germany single friends today. Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Germany?

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Find an activity partner, new friends, a cool date or a soulmate, for a casual or long term relationship. Meet quality singles in your Bi guy seeking a soulmate area or worldwide looking for Germany dating, friends, love, marriage, romance, or just someone to chat or hang out with.

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I love to smile I am a caring and devoted person, affectionate, lovely, open-minded, creative and joyful. Many ways leads to happiness, but you must not go any Better no dearest than a bad compromise. All important meetings are always random I am a Woman!!! Lizy88 woman seeking man 30 years old Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany.

Am Bi guy seeking a soulmate for a seriously relationship I would describe myself seeing someone who is honest, caring, intelligent, lovely, social and ambitious Looking for a sensitive, loving and caring partner I am a small little lady with a strong will. Honesty I'm a Bi guy seeking a soulmate of high moral integrity, caring, honesty and trustworthy. Special Someone wanted for long term relationship I am easy Find Louisville and Bi guy seeking a soulmate on the things that i enjoy doing.

I soulmwte for a relationship. I like to meditate and I am open to traveling Nife woman seeking man 28 years old Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany. Am a seekinng girl very fun to be with Am lovely suolmate very honest girl and also caring fun to be with strong African lady very naughty with a great sense of humour Kirsten woman seeking man 54 years old Hamburg, Germany.

Leomonarda woman seeking man 66 years old hamburg, Hamburg Germany. Licht18 woman seeking man 43 years old Wiesbaden, Hessen IB. Easygoing I am open minded. Claudia woman seeking man 56 years old Hamburg, Germany. Nature Lover I am a very honest, understanding, hardworking and trustworthy person who loves travelling and seeing the nature at its best.