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Here to meet somebody

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For example when I would like to ask someone if meer is happy to meet with me and my friend for the first time, Here to meet somebody should I ask? Typically, if you "meet with someone," you already know the person, and you are setting up an arranged time to talk.

I think both are acceptable ways to say it, but depending on where one's from, Here to meet somebody of them will sound more correct and natural. I think 'Meet' is a verb meaning to come into the presence or company of someone by chance or arrangement. I met an old friend in the train. To come across; encounter 2.

To meet with opposition. To experience; undergo; receive: To join, as for conference or instruction: That is the difference.

Using the word Here to meet somebodyis not really necessary. It does not add any, extra meaning. It is surplus to requirements. I am finding both but I don't know met the meanings are different, if it is a matter of AE versus English or anything else I cannot figure out.

Thanks for your help. Anna sororApr 28, I met nice people at the party. I am meeting with my accountant this afternoon. simebody

We will be meeting with Mr. XY next Wednesday and can discuss the issue with him then. However, all said, the difference is slight.

LonglordApr 28, So what verb does one use in French to convey the idea of meeting with one's accountant, one's teacher, one's tutor? Does one still use 'rencontrer'?

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I am meeting with my accountant this afternoon: I disagree with Pyan. Heree a native British English Here to meet somebody and 'meet with' sounds completely wrong to my ears. In British English, the word 'meet' in this phrase is entirely superfluous, just as 'for' is not needed in the phrase 'seek for' the British would just say 'seek'.