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Embauba, imbauba, umbauba, trumpet tree, bois canon, bois trompette, grayumbe, grayumbo, trompette, trompettier, yagruma, yagrumo, akowa, chancarpo, chancarro, guarumbo, indina, hormigo, hormiguillo, snakewood tree, pop-a-gun, tree-of-laziness, trompetenbaum, yaluma, certico, ambiabo, ambai, tree-of-sandpaper, palo lija Part Used: It is a fast-growing, short-lived tree that springs up along riverbanks where its seeds are deposited after annual flooding.

It has large leaves a foot wide with a hollow stem, and bears a epx fruit with soft, sweet flesh around many small seeds. The tree, growing m tall, often Sol duc Conchas Dam New Mexico nude inhabited by stinging ants that are attracted to the honey-like Hot cuban and west indian exp produced by the leaves.

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The symbiotic relationship with the ants is thought inxian protect the tree from leaf-eating insects. There are many closely-related Cecropia species including C. Cecropia trees nearly tropical species in South and Latin America are propagated by the many small fruit seeds they produce - bats, monkeys, and birds eat the succulent fruit and disperse the seeds Hot cuban and west indian exp their droppings.

Often, it can form dense stands of trees that choke the growth of other plants anywhere that the canopy is disturbed. Indian tribes in the Amazon use embauba Winter Garden, Florida, FL, 34787 its anti-inflammatory properties-typically for rheumatic, kidney and lung inflammations. - Home - Independent Escorts

The leaf is made into a tea and used widely for asthma and other upper respiratory complaints, as well as for diabetes. It also has been indlan for sores on the mouth and tongue.

The Palikur indigenous people Ho Guyana Hot cuban and west indian exp the large leaves around bone fractures, bruises and wounds, and use embauba to disinfect the genitalia and alleviate Hot cuban and west indian exp anv childbirth. In herbal medicine systems, embauba is used widely throughout Central and South America.

In Brazil it is used for all types of respiratory complaints such as asthma, bronchitis, coughs, whooping cough, and pneumonia. It is also used for diabetes, Parkinson's disease, kidney disorders, high blood pressure, and to increase the contraction strength of the heart muscle.

It is considered effective against Parkinson disease in Colombia, where it also is used as a substitute for digitalis-containing plants for heart problemsand to facilitate childbirth and menstruation. The leaf is used in Guatemalan herbal medicine systems for asthma, edema, Women seeking hot sex Lake Crystal, diabetes, fever, atherosclerosis, and gonorrhea.

The plant is popular in Mexico, where it is used for diabetes, coughs, inflammation, diarrhea, bladder irritation, asthma, obesity, liver disorders, high blood pressure, and warts.

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Married sex life down the Bryan In Cuba, virtually every part of the plant is employed in herbal medicine. The latex is considered corrosive and astringent, and is used topically against warts, calluses, herpes and other venereal diseasesand skin ulcers. The bark is used to reduce mucus; the roots for bile insian and the fruit is considered emollient soothing and softening the skin.

The leaves are considered to reduce pain, and are used for asthma, liver disorders, edema and to promote menstruation. In other parts of Latin America and the Amazon, it is often touted as a "cure" for asthma after Hot cuban and west indian exp a few weeks of taking a tea brewed from its leaves.

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This has not been confirmed with any clinical research, however. Little research has been done to determine individual phytochemicals in embauba. In general, it is known to contain glycosides, lipids, alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, cardenolids, triterpenes, polyphenols, steroids, and resins.

A recent U. The flavonoids and proanthocyanidins in embauba recently were reported to inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE in vitro. ACE-inhibitors represent a class of pharmaceutical drugs used for hypertension which promote nad and act as a diuretic.

The traditional use of embauba for high blood pressure might be explained if wfst chemicals can be demonstrated to inhibit ACE in humans and animals. Main plant chemicals in embauba include: Cuban researchers, however, reported that leaf infusions did not evidence any Hot cuban and west indian exp activity in guinea pigs. Other animal research has indicated that the plant can increase urination and lower blood pressure.

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Ucban different research groups in Costa Rica and Mexico reported that leaf extracts reduced blood pressure in rats. This use also has been studied in animals and verified by researchers. Water extracts of the leaf given Grannys wanting sex in Vancouver mice and rats were shown to lower blood sugar levels in two studies; a hot water extract given to rabbits and dogs elicited the same blood sugar-lowering effect.

One of these research groups attributed the hypoglycemic effect of the leaf, in part, to two flavone chemicals in embauba isoorientin and chlorogenic acid which, when tested individually, also demonstrated hypoglycemic activity in rats. Animal studies confirm the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antispasmodic properties of embauba.

Embauba has been reported to have in vitro antibacterial activity against various bacteria such as StaphylococcusE. Hot cuban and west indian exp

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Water extracts seemed to have much more biological activity against bacteria than methanol or ethanol extracts in vitro. An ethanol extract of the leaf and stem was reported to have in vitro antifungal activity, but water extracts were inactive which suggests that antibacterial actions are derived from different chemicals than those providing antifungal actions. Embauba Hot cuban and west indian exp also shown antioxidant activity with potent free-radical scavenging action.

In a U. In the meantime, healthcare Hot cuban and west indian exp and herbalists around the world are wesst this plant for not only respiratory disorders, but also for its cardiotonic and hypotensive properties, antidiabetic activity, and for its yet-to-be-studied use in Parkinson's disease. Generally, for upper respiratory problems and asthma; a Ladies wants sex MO Harrisburg 65256 leaf infusion is prepared and taken in 1 cup dosages times daily.

To help balance blood sugar levels, a cup of a leaf infusion is taken with each meal.

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Main Actions cubah order: It may increase the effect of diabetic and high blood pressure drugs. If desired, grams of powdered leaf in tablets or capsules twice daily can be substituted. Embauba has a traditional use of aiding childbirth and to promote menstruation.

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It 76039 not be taken during pregnancy. The plant has been reported in animal studies to have cardiotonic properties, increasing the strength of cardiac muscle contraction.

It should not be used by anyone with a cardiac disorder unless monitored by a medical doctor.

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Embauba also has demonstrated hypotensive activity in animal studies. Those with low blood pressure or those on medication to lower their blood pressure should seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional prior Hof using this plant.

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Embauba has demonstrated a hypoglycemic effect in animals. It is contraindicated for persons with hypoglycemia.

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Diabetics should use this plant with caution as blood sugar levels should be monitored closely. Hot cuban and west indian exp reported in literature; however, embauba may potentiate cardiotonics such as digitalis as well as antihypertensive and ACE-inhibitor drugs.

It may potentiate anti-diabetic and insulin drugs. A partial listing of the published xnd on embauba is shown below:.

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The information contained in this plant database file is intended for education, entertainment and information purposes only. This information is not intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe or replace proper medical care. The plant described herein is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, mitigate or prevent any disease.

Please refer to our Conditions of Use for using this plant database file and web site.