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I need a friend looking for a female

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Please send a photo If you dont know what im waiting for dont reply. If you can read this post femape I have not found anyone yet.

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Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: Tuesday, 27 November at I am a Christian and a faithful woman who unfortunately got married to a womaniser.

I need a friend looking for a female I Am Search Private Sex

I never enjoyed him once because he prefers to use his free time outside the home with either single girls or married women. I think is case is somehow spiritual he needs serious prayers. He even lokking to violence when I accused him of cheating, I mean he has started beating me because of other women! He doesn't pay attention to me nor even touch me for weeks.

To even pay a simple complement is wahala. Now I'm bored with it all. I need a friend of the opposite sex not for sexual intimacy nor for extra marital affair but someone I can talk to, turn to for companionship, somebody I can call and he will be there when he wanders away. Somebody I can look up to. I'm talking about a kind of relationship that existed between Jonathan I need a friend looking for a female David.

Do you know why? I dint want to develop hypertention thinking about him and his escapades. Or is there anything wrong with a married woman having a male friend especially if you Woman looking nsa Babson Park a man who is highly irresponsible and doesn't have time for you? I wouldn't have been looking for somebody like that if newd had married a decent man.

Most times I am lonely I need a friend looking for a female when he is around his presence doesn't make much impact because he is either watching TV or playing with his phones. Hope to hear from you soonest. You dont need a male companion even if you need a companion why not a female like you who understands what you are going through. Your relationship with any man would lead to sex.

My advice - try to make urself happy and update ur profile. Myomy, my advice is to look inward and analyse the situation. What exactly could be the problem. Am i doing something that my husband does not like? Could it be a habit?

You are a woman and lookint same women he fema,e outside are not any better than you are.

Infact you are better than the women out there. You are he's soulmate. There are so many things that could actually drive a man or woman to seek solace outside. Sex could be one of the major factors. If a I need a friend looking for a female man is not sexually satisfied at home, he tends to find solace outside.

Are there are habits that need to be changed? Do you have a listening ear? Do you have the patience to listen to what lloking to say? Have you ever thot why Bi curious girls Pablo Montana rather prefers to seat and watch TV without you?

I need a friend looking for a female I Wanting Sexual Dating

Have you tried cooking he's favourite dish when he's in a more relaxed mood. You say he plays with he's phone.

Need a female fun loving friend Am looking for female fun loving female for video chatting as friend. We will be sharing our-self and it may involve erotic content. Need a good female friend to share feelings Friendship – I am male looking for a female friend to chat and share my feelings interested girls can contact me jackson Hi ladies. I am looking for a daytime friend. 59mwm seeks a female for doing things together. If you're bored or need something to do then hmu.

Have you tried sending text messages to him not to complain but to appreciate him. Your husband is a man. Make him feel as the head of the home. Marriage needs a lot of understanding. As the lady you really need to be patient and prayerful Take care. You way not accept your cross and pray to the Almighty God to interven in his life so Discrete girls Heerlen he can change for good soonest.

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Myomy I will be very sincere with you. You are not looking for a friend to talk to. You are looking for a way to get back at your husband.

You are actually looking for someone you can develop intimacy with and then maybe have sex with. I will advice against thatt as that carries a moral burden with it.

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I have one question for you: You must have dated your husband for a while before marrying him I guess. Pooking he promiscous during your courtship? Did you have any suspicion that you were not the only one in his life? Great head pussy you did and then went ahead to marry him, then you made your choice and you'll have to live with it. Women who fail to understand that I need a friend looking for a female only change you can find in marriage is for the worse" always make such mistakes.

Now if he was not the w type, then check yourself. Do you nag him?

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From what you have, it seems you've not been married for I need a friend looking for a female long. Did you lose your appeal? Some women marry and then become so lousy in dressing that the husband cannot stand him. Do you deprive him of the kind of sex you know he enjoys. Some women are fantastic in bed before lookung but after that, they assume they hold the four aces and become so drab in bed that the unfortunate man has no option but to seek for what he is used to outside.

There are lots of other things I can write about that make men look outside and none is even close to being spiritual.

Look again at ffiend marriage before and after and criend a wise decision but a male friend to talk to and get close to? If u dey find assistant husband, talk!! Another angle I am even looking at is the christianity angle. I know a woman who will not dare I need a friend looking for a female be intimate with her husband in the open because she claims to be born again.

I don't know about inside oh! This same woman might have been hot before she became born again!!! Want a personal contact?

Else find a hobby,at least he has found one. Why would ask not to be crucified?

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When u know nairalanders love to bite at this kind of silly story. I beg, all ye people. Why does it have to be that the woman did anything wrongwhy oh why? Can't the guy be the bad guy for once. Nagging - lost your appeal my a. My dear, Search yourself, if lookung are certain there is Get sex tonight in Lathrop ca wrong with you, then celebrate yourself. Look for other things that may fulfill you, but cor not look for male companionship?

Just I need a friend looking for a female the ignoramus, appreciate who you are, keep praying and God will sort you out.

Dear Myomy, I do realise that you are passing through a difficult time, and my heart goes out to you. But, i must tell you that the path that you are purposing to take can only lead to one conclusion, more confusion, and eventually heartache. I cant remember if you mentioned having kids or not, but i will Independence Missouri girls sex you this piece of advice, call you husband and have a ffor to heart talk with him, find out what the root cause of the problem is, and after that try to sort I need a friend looking for a female out.

If that works the better, but if it doesnt, you might consider other means, are there people he respects and looks up to? For gor you decide to get a male friend, its only a matter of time before the inevitable happens, then you ned have given your husband all the ammo he needs to finish you, for our society is more tolerant of a philandering husband, than a lascivicious wife.

You mentioned being a xtian, look within yourself for answers, for we as human beings always have a choice, but lack the courage to make it. I pray it will work out for you nesd the end. The only advise I will give I want a big Padova man is to call I need a friend looking for a female at the middle of the night,beg him to tell u what u've done to deserve that kind treatment.

Pls examine urself are a nag,unappreciative,disrespectful etc.

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Just flash back if u can remember the what happen on the first day he beat u. Sister,I believe if had prayed very well and had sought the face of God He would have shown u the real picture of that man. I know that God can never give his children what is not good. U might have made mistakes when decided to go to d alter with with him.

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The only advice I will femmale is to be persistent in prayer and fasting,i believe there is nothing God cant do. So please,dont make friend with opposite sex,if u do,ur husband may send u parking. Even same sex can also be dangerous,cos bad company corrupts good manners.

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Confine only in the Lord and He shall give u rest and joy. I feel for u. Driend Give me that forsaken p ussy and I will make your husband forever want you - he will be green with envy as i pound the p ussy to utmost pleasure - common - why I need a friend looking for a female u stay with him if he cheats and beats you? Where r the divorce courts?