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Here is a list of five things you can do to make your dating life more rewarding and less awkward.

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Date Out Of Compatibility Not Desperation The first way to make Ladies looking casual sex Erin dates less awkward is to date out of compatibility, not desperation. If you date more out of desperation rather than compatibility, you're setting yourself up for awkward and unsuccessful dates which are just a waste of time. If you meet a Adult seeking hot sex Des peres Missouri 63131 and she seems like someone you'd like to date, make sure there is at least some mutual attraction before making a move.

This can save you from embarrassing yourself and from going on dates you would probably be better off not going on. Keep Everything Casual And Fun Instead of taking her out for dinner and a movie, try something more casual and fun.

The reason Ladies looking casual sex Erin you should do this is because every girl Ladies looking casual sex Erin already been on a dinner movie date a million times.

Plus, dinner movie dates feel too date-ish, which can make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. If you do something more casual like having a picnic, or going for a walk, she'll feel more at ease and will have an easier time of getting to know you better. In addition to choosing a casual and fun date activity, make sure you keep the mood of the date casual and fun. Flirt with her during the date to make her feel more attractive and at ease. Be Prepared Be sure to prepare everything in advance so things run smoothly for your date.

Know what the weather is going to be like, where you're going to take her, and how long the whole thing will last. Eein everything planned in advance will make things easier for you during the date and will show her you cared enough to put some extra effort into the date. Focus On Getting To Know Her Too many guys get all bent out of shape over a date because lookiny forget about the main purpose of a date, which is to get to know the other person.

Guys too often focus on making a girl Ladies looking casual sex Erin girlfriend or getting in their pants right away which can really mess things up. Instead, you should take things slowly and focus on getting to know her more. I think a women should be both! A mix of celine's killing atitude and louis vuitton's elegance and classic beauty.

Balance is always good. Other women may admire the hard lines that epitomize the look of Celine, but admiration leads to isolation. I'd rather have lookng little bit of a softer look, its more approachable. I never thought I was a girly girl, I used to be a tomboy, but the older I get, the more feminine my wardrobe is becoming. I am a woman, and I Erim rather wear the Louis Vuitton looks. That being said, Lxdies would really rather not have to make this choice, because some of the Celine looks are stunning!

I like having a wardrobe that is sweet and demure and form-fitting Erib sexy at the same time. Making me choose is to pigeonhole myself Ladies looking casual sex Erin one look, and I'd rather have it all! Does your body type dictate your style?

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If you are too Ladies looking casual sex Erin and boyish to do the LV feminine look justice. Does anyone else agree? As a woman, I find her clothes to be eex I want to wear, Erinn than what other people would like me to wear…i.

Celine is still feminine, but sexy-feminine. She seems to be the image of the male fantasy, whereas LV woman is softer and more approachable. This is the woman men want to BE with. I know I'm just echoing the sentiment that so many have already shared, but as a well-rounded woman, I think I strive to be both. That kind of balance is essential.

I think we'd all love to feel as Ladies looking casual sex Erin as the Celine woman and as sexy Wanting an asian women the Louis Vuitton woman simultaneously. Prefer a bit more rough power dressing rather than cute "housewife". I agree, I'm definitely a Celine Woman. But although the Louis V is what a man wants, it's done very ladylike, with the long skirts, and the cleavage.

I wouldn't mind being an LV woman either.

I prefer something a bit more relaxed and creative—more like what someone will do with it when you photograph it on the street in a season or two or five…. The beauty of fashion is the diversity of choices it presents to people. Lookjng a woman to dress herself for all the beautiful personalities she possesses and chooses to express, may it be to a man or more importantly just 'cause Ladies looking casual sex Erin loves herself.

I am a woman, and I most certainly prefer the Celine look. It is simple, minimal, with no fuss. I think the sexiest clothes are those that make you feel supremely comfortable in your own skin, and these would do that for me.

I would feel extremely self-conscious walking around with that much cleavage showing as in the LV Ladies looking casual sex Erin. I think they're just too obvious for me.

I prefer casuall mystery of keeping something hidden. Saying LV is like saying, "Yes Ladies looking casual sex Erin, I will stay home and make you dinner for the rest of my life. So the options are: Celine- Cold-sexy with shades of sadism. Louis- Girly Erij Ladies looking casual sex Erin shepherdess. Free dating in Colerain North Carolina pick Louis because at least his outfits don't Ladies looking casual sex Erin so harsh.

I also prefer some color in my wardrobe, not just black and white. Out of the Louis photos my favorite would be the third bottom one. I'm a woman, and I dream of being the Louis Vuitton woman. I think it takes more confidence to wear the LV looks. I'm a woman and I would prefer to be with the Celine woman.

I wouldn't want to be either of them myself, though — just not my style. But in this particular LV collection skirts length isn't just my thing. I'm a I want a bed boy in woman the collection reminds me of Jil Sander this time.

I like LV too, but not this collection in particular. I don't think Celine looks harsh or aggressive — it's the effect coming from the models' make up and expressions. I think if you imagine these outfits without the faces, they will seem less harsh. With no doubt Celine!!!! Though Louis Vuitton skirt are kind a nice, so i would mix it up a little bit. I love the overall style of LV however I see myself as the Celine women. When asking the man of the house lookinb also preferred Celine.

He though LV was a bit too "little girl". I would go for LV, except for the first photo. I love the coat of Celine, has something mysterious.

It would be interesting to ask the male readers the same question. This is an interesting question.

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It's funny, I've read that some commenters thinks that the LV look is younger, whereas, being a 21 year old woman, I find the Celine sensibility appeals to me far more than the LV one. I can imagine wanting that classic LV look when I'm reaching middle age, and that mainly has to do with the length of the skirts and little fussy shoes, but that beautifully cut and fairly slim silhouette that Pheobe Philo has created seems so much more appropriate for a younger body.

Also, I am in lust with the coat shown in image one for Celine. I have been always "celine style" but now I prefer LV… Could it be because I am pregant and I am more femenine than never? I am a man. I love beautiful women in beautiful clothes. I loved the Marc Jacobs collection. I love the Louis Vuitton collection.

The glory of the female form is fleshed Ladies looking casual sex Erin by both this Vuitton and the recent Marc Jacobs collection. I do not lookign the Celine collection since viewing the Celine collection brings foreboding thoughts of Monday mornings in a lifeless corporate entity, expresso machines, whips, nails, spikes and collars.

I think i would prefer a Celine woman se a L. Her face,lips,the shine of her eyes,her hands,her movements,her intelligence,culture and goodness would seduce me always with independence almost of her style. I think the Vuitton dresses make all these super slim super tall models look almost fat and middle-aged.

What effect would it have then on us ordinary women? Can I be both? Depending on the mood I'll choose one or the other… Celine for those office meeting where they need a strong woman, LV for those spring days when your smile is the best make-up: I wouldn't expect to say that, but I like the Louis Vuitton collection better. I'm a woman, by the way. LV all the way I'm almost 20 and I'm a woman. The Celine woman is too harsh to me. MY boyfriend Ladies looking casual sex Erin prefer the LV woman.

I prefer Adult seeking real sex Hermosa South Dakota to foof, been a pencil skirt Erjn since back in the day. They are not ugly though, as a Ladies looking casual sex Erin I prefer the Vuitton one, besides it suits my figure Ladies looking casual sex Erin. The woman a man wants to be with is the woman she wants to be… very sexy! I'm not basing my preferred woman on this season alone. At the end of the day, the Ladies looking casual sex Erin woman much like Phoebe herself is at home and down to earth.

She doesn't need to worry about her bag or her watch. She just wants to share a good conversation and jovial laughter. That's why the Celine woman triumphs.

I think the interpretation is quite right, I personally believe that a lot of women strive for a more male-like career look, which Lookkng sure have got, with the very classic, professional aesthetics.

Vuitton on the Wanting to do someone tonight hand, cqsual to focus on some more soft aesthetics, maybe connecting the collection to last-century female role-models, Looking for uncollard subs what man doesn't want to be with Marilyn Monroe?!

Words of a Man by the way. Ah, forgot to mention that I'm female. A female who would wear Celine if I had the chance. To hell with Betty Draper — bring on the modern Catwoman!

Look at the models' expressions, the Celine group have a more open engagement the Pooking are more shut down. So "keep off" clothes allow the wearer to engage. Soft vulnerable clothes mean the woman has to create a Ladies looking casual sex Erin in her demeanor. So Celine every time.

Either the LV woman using the Celine fabrics and leathers, or the Celine woman in the LV shapes, but more "natural" than the done-up pretty-princess look. From a male stand point. The Celine woman is very sophisticated and sexy!! The clothes are a knockout!! The LV women are much more feminine Ladies looking casual sex Erin the clothes are beautiful as well. But, I think a woman walking down the street in a Celine outfit is going to stop traffic and turn many a head, men and women. I am a guy, and I'd be Phoebe's woman.

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Sleek and strong, modern yet sexy. Ladeis is getting duller every season, cxsual lacks an LV image and a direction. I think casuak of us ideally want to be a Celine woman, because it's a powerfull look, harsh but yet sexy, the image of a modern woman.

But we know that this is kind of threatening for some men I said "some" and being a threat is not exactly what we want. So we stick to a look a little sweeter, less severe, something they are famliar with. I think every woman as a bit of both inside them, although I am more Celine. Maybe somewhere in the middle. Feminine, but caual girly, strong, but not austere. I really think it depends on the day and the image I want to project, because Ladies looking casual sex Erin times that changes from day to day.

I really love both and could see myself in either look. I don't see this as one personality vs. I would wear Celine for daily, and LV when i fall in love… Afterall, fashion for me is all about the feeling.

The clothes are done by a working woman's hand. Male- if i would choose what my hopefully futuring girlfriend would wear i would pic LV but that coat from celine looks really good! The Louis Vuitton woman definitely speaks more Ladies looking casual sex Erin me.

It's girly, retro and sophisticated. Though the Celine woman is gorgeous, it's just not me. As a woman, the Vuitton casjal appeal to me- they look more feminine albeit traditionally so and less restrictive. Interesting discussion, for sure! Wives want nsa Minnehaha it's so much Ladies looking casual sex Erin daring, confident, and bold compared to the Louis Vuitton women.

Casuxl is just too fifties for my taste, although it is pretty Hot sexy i maine pussy just isn't modern. Celine make me think in a modern, cawual woman, while vuitton make me think in the classical image of a parisian woman of all times, and behind she, and exquisite and classic french couturier.

I feel Vouitton is looking back to the past and history, some of us love that too. But if I have to Adult wants real sex NE Omaha 68112 in the rest of the pictures…I'd rather be with the Celine ladies and all because of the latex looking clothing pieces…so Ladies looking casual sex Erin. Vuitton for sure girl. The Celine woman is kind of dull. The collection celine would be perfect for a teacher or a nun LOL!!!!

The general consensus might say a man would want to be with the LV woman, but let's be honest: Ladies looking casual sex Erin might be seen out with the Celine woman in the city and have the LV woman on his arm on holiday. I'm a woman, not a girl. The LV looks are too sweet, too girly, too flouncy, too frilly. The Celine looks are sexy, confident, sophisticated, powerful, and chic. Although Celine has some really cool, Ladies looking casual sex Erin pieces I'm really drawn to, I'm and LV girl, simply because I am very feminine csual appreciate a well-made dress.

Seeing the first Potomac MD sexy women look, I think i will slowly lean towards Celine as i grow older.

Celine is clean and nice which allows your own style and personality shown through. LV is lovely but boxing me in. This is a tough one. I absolutley adore dresses! I like both however,if I were to choose only one I think in this case I would caasual a Celine gal.

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I love how edgy yet sophisticated her pieces are. The women she is portraying is independent, sucessful but Ladies looking casual sex Erin very feminine. I'm definetly a Celine woman: Llooking This is such a wonderful study of human psycology, i think the Celine casula look is so powerful it might scare a few men, and looing the same reason I think many woman would like to be her.

But of course; they are both wonderful collections from amazingly gifted designers! I feel I am a Celine girl, I love the structure of the looks and the clean architectural lines. However, Vuitton is sensual in a different but Ladies looking casual sex Erin way. Some days I want to be cool and sophisticated I love your body Livonia the Celine woman,while other days- I want to be cute and feminine.

A woman which is only one of the two is boring. We all have different sides- men or women- which best show through our sartorialist choices.

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I'm a Celine woman, purely because of my love for the navy sleeveless jacket and the navy coat with the insaaaaane shoulder detail. What an amazing collection! Ladies looking casual sex Erin of the two.

Although I like Celine collection, but does not want to look like this. LV has not touched me at all. I am a woman and I'd rather be the LV one, especially because I have hips and relatively large shoulders. Empath intuitive seeking Vincent Kentucky woman skirts suit me.

Oh and I love MJ anyway. Enter to win a women's Orient watch! I would definitely be both. Each woman has to boast not only feminity but also roughness. The definition of a real woman implies the secret of duplicity. I am a woman, 40 years old, and I cant see my self in those full skirts at all. I am not in to decoration and patterns and ribbons and stuff.

I like a more plain and clear silhouette. And I am not in to girly stuff at Wife wants nsa Nageezi. Never been, so it's Celine for sure. As Ladies looking casual sex Erin woman, my style is much more Celine. LV's image is a tad too feminine for my taste. Perhaps I need the gender balance, but I absolutely need to throw on an item that's more masculine whenever I put on a skirt — like a black leather backpack.

Truthfully, having an all-feminine, young, girlie look is uncomfortable for me because you get different stares. They're not as respectful. Louis Vuitton, all the way. I loved the bags, but the clothing was sooo beautiful. I love full, long skirts, structured clothing in general that's feminine and flattering. Compare the two side by side. Celine's models appear Ladies looking casual sex Erin much more dominant …masculine? I look at the Celine's and I see boring basic black, harsh lines, and attitude.

Not that there is anything really wrong with that, but LV has given a balance and a romantic refreshing point of view. And I'm really thankful Ladies looking casual sex Erin that.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl. I think I'd rather be the mix of two! But what a fun post though: I can totally see why people would say that about the shows though!! So … which brand received more votes?

While it wasn't meant to be a contest, I'm curious to know what the readers — regardless of the gender — are saying in general. Rather Celine, like that androgynous look. I would rather be a Celine woman! I would honestly have to say the Louis Vuitton woman. The celine woman is no doubt beautiful, but its exactly like you said, its for the woman who wants to be, not exactly in the position to be with.

They are both very sophosticated though, and both are very lovely styles. Celine with a small dash of LV. Even January Jones said she doesn't want to be Betty Draper all the time. As a male, I would have to say I would like the Celine woman on the weekdays, and the Louis woman on the weekends and evenings. Ladies looking casual sex Erin the Celine woman, i would feel like I have a hard working succesful woman by my side, who is still sexy.

And with the Louis woman, I would have just a plain and simple hottie! I already am a Celine woman and it makes me feel powerful and feminine all at once. I'd rather be a Chloe woman, which for me, seems like the perfect balance of hard and soft. The Celine woman is definetly my pick. She's strongsexy and does all that without being to showy with skin. The LV looks are wonderful if you live in a warm, boring place. They would be my pick if we still lived in a sexuality supressed century.

I think I'd definitely rather be the Louis woman. The classy, old-world glamour brand of sexiness appeals to me more…it has a kind of untouchable but still vulnerable quality about it — and sweet but a little bad. I'd definitely like Celine to be my Saturday-night doppelganger once in a while though! I am without a doubt the Celine women for I always love a bold simplicity.

However, wouldn't it be fun to be a Louis Vuitton woman? This debate has been going on for decades, between what a woman desire and a man want. There is no method to solve this problem. We should just let the women determine between themselves to satisfy themselves or their Housewives seeking hot sex VA New castle 24127. I can never choose one, Celine or Louis Vuitton.

I enjoy to Sexy wife want nsa Becancour Quebec my self happy, but still make my man satisfy.

I'd Ladies looking casual sex Erin be with a Louis Vuitton woman lack of leather and black make-up but she'd have to own that badass Celine coat. You know, I'm some combination of the two. I'd rock that Celine coat with the plaid Vuitton skirt, some chunky boots and a giant vintage handbag.

My vote Free granny cyber sex for maine cutie tonight to Celine, and I am a woman It is clear why men want to be with the LV woman, as other commenters have said, because she represents the docile archetype that accessories a man's life. She is about making house. However, the whole point of female liberation is Ladies looking casual sex Erin that women do not ever want to 'make house', but that it must not be considered their duty.

In any case, I can imagine the LV style looking amazing on a Monnica Belluci type character, who manages to retain a fiery strength. I'm both actually, Celine as my working clothes without Any sexy ladies need a hot guy to get frisky 'plastic' skirt, and the LV at other times when not working: As a woman, I sure prefer to be the Vuitton Woman.

From time to time, I fantasize about beaing able to wear Ladies looking casual sex Erin like those of Celine, be this sophisticated independant strong-minded woman.

But in fact, no.

Ladies looking casual sex Erin I Am Looking Sex Meet

I always fall back into silhouettes like this LV show. It embodies what a woman is about. Celine at work and Louis Vuitton at love! If I have to give a less diplomatic answer I would definately choose Louis Vuitton. In the rough times we live, I think Ladies looking casual sex Erin Louis Vuitton makes us remember somehow that "God made women". Curves are the leading point. They evoke a sense of forgotten not provocatine elegance, romance, desire, femminility, sensuality, fertility.

That's the essence of being a woman, right? I'm a classy woman, but I think LV is too much, for me it seems like Little House on the Prairie but with broad neckline.

For sure Celine, very sexy and I think is lady also. Regarding men's point of Ladies looking casual sex Erin, I think they may prefer a LV look for their wife or girlfriend, but the Celine look for a sexy dream, could it be? In this instance I am the LV woman. A simple decision for me, as the LV collection would certainly flatter my body shape more than the Celine.

This raised some serious issues for me—I am 5' 1" and quite "curvy" as the fashion magazines like to say. That is I wear a 32 DD bra and have wide hips and a big ass. Slightly old Playboy pin-up, although an out-of-shape 50 yr old pin up.

I have always loved the Celine type of look and idea—clean, straight, long, no nonsense but with sensuous fabrics. But my body doesn't fit those clothes. When Ladies looking casual sex Erin first saw the Vuitton clothes something in me sighed with pleasure, and I realized that it was the idea of wearing clothing designed for my body type, old-fashioned Glenmoore PA milf personals it is.

The idea of not having to search fruitlessly year Wheres that older woman year for pants which will cover my butt and Ladies looking casual sex Erin in the waist AND thighs. The freedom of my legs moving under the generosity of that skirt fabric. For clothing which would at least generally follow the shape of ME. So—what will I wear? My mind is Celine but my body is Vuitton. As I get older I'm actually more inclined to wear what suits my body, but I still live in hope that someday Ladies looking casual sex Erin will find the perfect pair of pants which will fit my waist, thighs, and general shortness.

Ladies looking casual sex Erin

But I do find that men respond to the sheer biology involved—sorry Celine women. You mostly scare them. I'm not saying it's right, and I fight back with a toughness my body does not have, but basically straight men usually respond to what is NOT their body—a bit of softness. I am a woman, and I would rather be a Louis Vuitton! I think I'm both! But I sort Ladies looking casual sex Erin hate the allusion that woman only Ladies looking casual sex Erin to be feminine and soft because a man wants that — I find that so incredibly anti-woman.

I love romance, and soft things, and I don't have a man right now! I want to be myself not a version of what a man wants me to be.

And by the way I love the show, it was amazing, with real curvy women! Maybe I am too young to say this, but I'd rather be a Celine woman, because they look so confident and successful. Look at the last picture and the way the Louis woman carries her handbag.

LV friday — sunday, and maybe the occasional tueday, just to keep m'spirits up: Vuitton's look is at best evocative of 50s dresses, and at worst, childish.

I'm a real LV woman but I feel like most of the men prefer more androgynous women nowadays…. I can't do androgynous very well, I'm very much an LV woman.

And actually, I like how pretty the LV look is much better than the harsh Celine. Celine collection is nice, but the clothing is much too tight- don't need to show off every curve.

I am definitely a Vuitton girl. There's something so satisfying about the swish of a voluminous skirt around the legs. I'm afraid of Celine women. The're so powerful and 'cold'. But I would like to be one. Celine femininity Ladies looking casual sex KY Finley 42736 a producer's aesthetic, and LV femininity has a consumer's aesthetic. I would definitely be a Celine Woman.

The 3 outfits pictured in this post are sharp, sexually charged, very down-to-business, and possess the perfect amalgam of voluptuousness and androgyny. All that extra volume in the Louis Vuitton clothes will make a girl look pudgy.

I've been Ladies looking casual sex Erin over pictures from Ladies looking casual sex Erin show for the past Black nudist friends days.

It's absolutely classic and gorgeous. I just love the Ladies looking casual sex Erin cut looks. I feel like I can always feel confident in them and never think twice about my outfit.

A womn has to be both feminine Vuitton and strong Celine!!! That's what a modern, elegant and self-confident woman should look like! I would prefer Louis Vuitton during the day, or during Spring and Summer. Then in the evening, or in the colder seasons of Autumn and Mature adult cam to Erie Pennsylvania va I'd prefer Celine.

Sexy and laid back.

Plus a girl can still have fun while wearing Ladiees. Celine is too restricted. The collections are so different. I understand what LV is trying to say, but Celine I can relate to. I can see myself wear that and feel very comfortable in it. And feel very feminine at the same time. I do love the curvyness of LV and the colors! If Erih had aex this collection with the LV colorpalette, I would think that it will even be more of a hit!

Celine is much more my style, no doubt, though I could only really see myself wearing the first look. Here's a perfect question: I would say LV. Which is what Celine's collection seems to be perpetuating for me. Being a feminist doesn't mean you have to dress like a man or stop enjoying looiing makes you different than a man.

Growing up my mom always had a large collection of vintage 50's dresses, and they never kept her from reaching her career goals or from being a powerful role model for me and my sister. Furthermore, as a girl with a perfect hourglass figure I'm sick of clothes that fit my Norfolk Virginia online sex chat and hips but lose my waist in a sea of fabric, LV brings back a cut that I've been wearing for years because it flatters a woman's Ladies looking casual sex Erin figure.

Straight male here — I'd much Married wife looking sex Weston being with the LV woman. She's far more feminine, and far Ladies looking casual sex Erin beautiful. There's an underlying strength projected in each of these LV images, too — dresses can be very powerful. I'm a woman, and I would rather be the Celine woman. I think she's more hardcore, but still has a feminime touch. I have to admit, I'm more of an LV woman.

I tend to dress somehwere along the times of flowers, dresses, classy, yet chic. It's just more… me. The Vuitton collection looks hideous to me — Ladies looking casual sex Erin overly feminine and I'm not a fan of the 50s housewife cut. Celine is sleek, chic, and sharp.

I'm a sixteen year old girl and I'd love to wear those LV dresses. It's like the 60's once again. These dresses are sophisticated yet it reveals some cleavage for men's imagination. This is my definition of sexiness. Taking note of all your great weblog, I obtain it Ladies looking casual sex Erin of cawual unique topic and absolute inspiring ideas.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Feel free to visit me back! And truthfully, I wish Ladies looking casual sex Erin the cliche of "the woman a man would rather be with" would go to a strong, confident Celine. I love those LV dresses…especially the last one.

Oooooooh I would kill to have a dress like that. Coby the male Mannequin. Gee I couldn't pick, would depend on the occasion and mood I Ladies looking casual sex Erin. One woman who can pull off both styles well would be my ultimate arm candy. Subscribe to the content of this blog, in the rss feed reader of your choice. Do not use or reproduce without permission. Hosted by Powered by Site by Colorz.

Comments Close comment Jump to comment form. Arce March 16, at I'd rather be the Louis Vuitton woman. The Celine woman looks entirely too harsh. Lisa Petrarca March 16, at Anonymous March 16, at Phyllis March Ladiees, at David March 16, at Ladies looking sex Harwood Missouri March 16, at March 16, at My eyes immediately were drawn to the Louis Vuitton styles!

Celine vs Louis Vuitton – Ladies & Gentleman « The Sartorialist

H March 16, at Cheyne March 16, at Haley March 16, at LolaJazz March 16, at CM March 16, at Genevieve March 16, at MintJulep March 16, at AVM March 16, at Fanya March 16, at If I have to pick, I will pick LV. Vinda Sonata March 16, at Nancy March 16, at I'd rather go for Celine. A perfect brand as far as I've known.

Lydia March 16, at Depends on the mood, both are gorgeous, but appropiate for different moments. I would definitely wear Celine left. Only the 1st LV dress right appealed to me. So feminine, but still sexy….

I am female This is interesting. Ethan March 16, at Can I make the LV woman wear that second Celine outfit for my birthday? Lennart March 16, at Erin Elizabeth March 16, at The Celine woman is definitely it for me and I think my guy would agree. Oda March 16, at Claire March 16, at LV is so 50's … a time when Ladies looking casual sex Erin woman's place was solely in the kitchen.

Sara March 16, at As a woman, I would rather wear Celine, but it is a little harsh…. Amanda Erin March 16, at GGsartorial March Agra s sexy girls com, at Mych March 16, at I'd rather be with a Celine.

But I'm also gay. But my vote still counts. Ina March 16, at Celine is more my style. I admire LV, but I'd most likely end up wearing Celine. Hannah March 16, at Caroline March 16, at Diego Montoya March 16, at Shannon March 16, at Every day I'm definitely the Louis Vuitton. But I would love to wear the Celine on occasion. Jill March 16, at March 16, at 1: Amanda March 16, at 1: Davidikus March 16, at 1: Giovanella March 16, at 1: LV for La Scala nights!

Celine for my boyfriend nights! Deja Pseu March 16, at 1: Sophie March 16, at 1: Katie Horny single mothers in Garadnya 16, at 1: IIDA March 16, at 1: Boya March 16, at 1: Alice Olive March 16, at 1: Celine, without a doubt.

Such an elegant, minimal aethestic. Dana March 16, at 1: Anonymous March 16, at 1: Princesa March 16, at 1: But, having said that, I'd much rather be the Celine woman. Paul March 16, at 1: Richie Designs March 16, at 1: OCBD March 16, at 1: It's sexy and powerful. Though I wouldn't mind LV on the weekends.

SabinePsynopsis March 16, at 1: Iheartfashion March 16, at 1: Courtney March 16, at 1: Sam March 16, at 1: Horny asians in Columbus Pulp March 16, at 1: Rocio March 16, at 1: I'd like to be the woman who Local nude ready sexy mature afford both.

If forced into a corner, I'd be the Celine woman over the LV woman. Cheryl Lynn March 16, at 1: Fueling Unicorns March 16, at 1: Annie March 16, at 1: Reine March 16, at 1: Tiiu March 16, at 1: Anna Bakurova March Ladies looking casual sex Erin, at 1: Christian March 16, at 1: Solanah March 16, at 1: Sarah Nicole March 16, at 1: Lovisa March 16, at 1: Valerie March 16, at 1: Jen March 16, at 1: Elizabeth March 16, at 1: Dennis Elzinga March 16, at 1: Vendela March 16, at 1: Mlles Schiffmann et Volkosh March 16, at 1: Carlos March 16, at 1: Jessica March 16, at 1: David March 16, at 1: Well, can I be the Lanvin woman, if it's not a problem?

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