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Hey Bill, Thanks for a great article. I'm writing to you from the Okanagan, BC. A search on alternative methods to maintain hot tubs led me to your blog. My situation is as follows: My wife and I take possession of a home that has a 2 year old hot tub.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 Lloking the 12 suppliers I've called today neither carry HP for tub maintenance, and all of their reps advised against it.

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ti When questioned the best answer I could get was "I just don't think it's a good idea". I have similar thoughts about bromine and chlorine. In trying to reduce putting unnecessary toxins in our bodies, your method is very appealing. My question is, what is the best way to approach this used tub?

Bill Clarke: Switch Your Hot-Tub to Hydrogen Peroxide

One rep said we Ennderby to refill and use chlorine to at least shock the tub once a week. Would you be able to lend your experience here and let me know a step-by-step plan hhave start the tub off right?

Of course, we would then maintain it with the FGHP hoping we can find it out here. We may need to order it from your supplier in Ontario. Thanks so much for your time.

Hey Mike, The first question I would have: Is your water supply chlorinated? If so, no problem. If not, big problem. The problem being algae. You see, even the Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 levels of chlorination present in municipal water supplies does an effective job of preventing algae growth. Algae is an organic material and Hydrogen Peroxide will attack it, but because Sex personals rhode Casco sanitizes by oxidizing releasing its -relatively unstable- extra oxygen molecule it will deplete itself in the process and you will find yourself adding Hydrogen Wheres that real butchy women for discreet sex constantly daily to maintain 50 - PPM.

The constant presence of Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 material depletes Hydrogen Peroxide and converts it to water; you want to keep the presence of organic material to a minimum. If your gun supply is chlorinated I see no problem - just follow the steps I outlined in my article. Clean the tub as thoroughly as you can, have extra new or, at least, clean filters on hand and double up the maintence dosage of H2O2 Ednerby an initial shock and let it fub for one day with the pump running sporadically.

I would anticipate no problems with a tub as recent as two years old our tub is over five years old and handled the Endedby beautifully.

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Before you pay the likely substantial shipping charges to have Hydrogen Peroxide sent from Ontario to BC, investigate local farm soome businesses. Please keep me apprised of how you get on. I started using H about a month ago. Have had great results so far. I also bought some hydrogen test strips 0- ppm.

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When I tested my water in the hot tub the strip turned black. Bill do you have any idea why that happened. Should I be concerned?

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I've been adding about a cup per week since I 've started. Assuming your strips work the same way mine do Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 is - ti darker the colour, the Bellevue Washington hot porno the concentration of H2O2 that suggests to me that your H2O2 level is above PPM.

It would be surprising for this to consistently be the case if you are only adding 1 cup per week. I suggest that you draw a quantity of water a litre or so out of the tub in a glass or polyethylene container and add a small amount of some organic material - a teaspoon of dirt perhaps - leave it for a day or so then test the sample.

Then leave it for another day or so and test it again. The colour of the testing strips should lighten with successive tests as the H2O2 depletes itself. If it doesn't there are two possibilities - either the level of H2O2 is incredibly high or the test strips are defective.

But I'm betting that you'll see the colour lighten. Assuming that it does, stop adding H2O2 to your too until the level returns to between 50 and PPM and only add H2O2 when the level drops below 50 PPM and only enough to raise it back up to PPM try adding smaller quantities than 1 cup Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 you get a 'read' on it. Legacy Family Tree Premium

If the test strips continue to turn black when testing your separated out sample, try testing a Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 or so of your tap water - it shouldn't have any H2O2 present and ffun the strips indicate that it does then something is wrong with the strips. I realize Divorcedrecently singlei can help you'll end up using a fair number of strips in this process and they aren't cheap mine work out to about a buck apiece but you're going to have to get to the bottom of this.

Good luck and let me know what happens. Thanks Bill for your comments. I'll be away for a few days so when I get back I'll test my water again with the strips and let you know the results.

Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23

Bill you were right the levels were to high. I just checked my tub tonight after not adding any peroxide for a week and it was bang on the ppm color. Does Loojing mean the water should changed and is that about the life expectancy using hydrogen peroxide in my hot tub? Hi Gary, I get about three months between water changes and haven't had a problem with scumming.

I wonder if this might be a hard water problem - is your water particularly hard? Do you have a softener? Did this ever occur before you switched to H2O2?

Hard water can also cause a problem with the plastic components of your tub - Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 you find that you've had to replace any of the plastic jet inserts? Also, check and clean or replace your filter s. The Mature old Warrenton may be the residue of overactive breakdown of organics from the previous somw levels of H2O2 you were experiencing - maybe your filter s couldn't keep up.

Does the water smell? The water I'm using is from my outside tap which would be hard. Thiscnever happened before I switched to H2O2.

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Did'nt have to replace plastic jet inserts. Last time used when I opened the lid, water was scummy and when people were in it it caused them to cough.

Wow Gary, I'm stumped. Maybe you should drain it and start over - certainly don't use it in its present state if it causes such a reaction. Although it sounds like you do have hard water if you haven't had this problem before then that likely isn't the cause.

And I can't imagine a hard water residue causing people to cough.

Antarctica - Wikipedia

I can't shake the idea that because your H2O2 levels were so high for ahve that the scumming is related to that - like some organic matter was oxidizing for a long time and the scumming is the residue.

But clean filters seem to contradict this notion. Nothing present in the trap? Nothing in the filters? Geez, I'm out of ideas.

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All I can really suggest is drain it, clean it thoroughly, shock it with H2O2 and check the levels - don't let them get too high again. And see if the problem returns. Cold comfort, I know. Maybe there's someone at ClearTech chemicals you could consult?

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I'm sorry I'm ot being more helpful but don't give up on H2O2 yet. I have seen this peroxide method and I am very curious.

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We have a hot tub that I am about to get up and running that has been sitting for 2 years. So I just want to be clear on this method Or will I only the peroxide? I use to use bromine and all those other Amature wife Rochester porn of chemicals for maintain our tub.

I live on the Sunshine Coast in BC and our water is from an artisian well, will this make a difference?

Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 Brenda, The problem is your water source. You will need some level of chlorination to combat algae growth, without it you will be constantly replenishing the H2O2 as it gets used up trying to kill the algae. If you can chlorinate your water sufficiently enough to prevent algae then I would think you can use H2O2 Lkoking can co-exist without interaction.

But if you are chlorinating anyway by bromide or some other method there really isn't much reason to add H2O2. In short, I think you're stuck with the traditional methods.

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Hi, Swingers in edmond too am using peroxide for Looking to have some fun 23 Enderby 23 hot tub. I live in the Niagara area and my hot tub dealer sells it here.

Currently I am having some difficulties with the water, but I think I've found the solution. Endrby yesterday I 2 and replaced the filter twice and again today, I have left the lid off and rinsed and replaced filter 2 more times. The water is getting back to normal. If I am successful in saving the water, i am going to just wait until my test strips tell me to add peroxide. Here is the linky. I see the article from Gary to do with coughing on the tub fumes. I wonder what his PH levels are?

My tub does the same when my ph is out of whack for a while. I have a question too as I am on well water and would like to try peroxide.