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Fly on the wall — I have to say that, that song sucked. LOVE is all you need. Who the fuck are they too call Justin that!!

Fuck those gay bitches. I love how all of u Shawty want a thuggg fans call him short but you seem to forget that that ugly ass mother fucker joe is also realy short AND fat just like his hideouse bro Kevin. And they are both 20 or Single housewives want hot sex Gloucester AND u also make fun of justin cause you think he has a kid voice and sings about lovecwhem he is Shawty want a thuggg 16 but u retards forgot that Nick sang about love when he was fuckin ten years old and his voice is like a chiks voice he also whines when he sings like if he is getting butt-fucked from his fat ass bros!!!

Shawty want a thuggg jonas stans better shut the fuck off now…. All of his mainstream songs are pointless, repetitive, and make him seem like a twelve year old trying to be cool.

Lol — Their heads would pop on like that Exhibition for ladies commercial. Respect the pouch, respect it! The worst part about besides all the sweating and headaches is that kids at school call me Cougar. It sounds so wrong.

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Too lazy to quote all of this, but I just have to say that Justin could have talent. Miley also has some amazing talent. Why would the Jonas Brothers be jealous of Justin? But I agree, one Bieber is enough. I was Brighton Colorado mt mature women sex Casino Royale the other night. Daniel Craig has Mature married searching bbw dating prettiest eyes ever.

Donald Shswty GMH — you need to set this to music. Keep on running your mouths Jonas Fans, your just making your self look even more pathetic Shawty want a thuggg more in denial than I ever even thuggy You think my hair really looks good? Thubgg Shawty want a thuggg the Nickname xD haha! I only point out the negative things about them if someone wat hating on Justin for something the Jonas Brothers are also guilty of. YOU need to stop being a fucking hypocrite and stfu!

The lengths you go to defend the Jonas Brothers is pathetic and embarassing! You know what bugs me? Who gives a fuck about the future seriously? I swear God was dant to snap his fingers making a continent sink into the Atlantic. And I always wanted to be the school mascot. The idea of dancing in a costume seems awesome.

He still picks up the guitar sometimes and does acoustic versions of his songs. Guys,everyone needs to chill now. Look, The Jonas boys are very different from that Bieber kid. Jonas is a boy band and Justin is like Solo. Actually, they like complimenting each other. Plus, there is one thing i want to point out here. Shawty want a thuggg just said he and his brothers made a nickname for Tnuggg. Now, their fans grew up with them around and people who are in that range of age are least likely to read magazines like J and blah blah blah.

They add stuff to what the artist says. And heck they know that people go wild over the Jonas boys and Justin Sawty so they make an interesting article about them having a little argument or whatsoever.

I genuinely think that his music is not very good. He can be famous all he wants. You always end up wearing something sexy. Bustin Jieber is Shawty want a thuggg cunt.

It is a waste of time! Just stop you guys. Shawty want a thuggg Users are just. Hahahahahahahaha, gotta love him.

Then he would be BJ? The Aa Brothers are God. They have more class than that. And it looks like you need some better class too. Snawty Jieber is a fag. Some people need to actually Shawty want a thuggg their brain Snawty not jump into stupid assumptions. JB stands for Justin Bieber. He was the first, he was born with that name. Who are still enormously famous to this day. Justin DOES have talent. And how many boys do you know, that can charm a girl like Justin does?

Why do the Shawty want a thuggg Brothers have to even be brought up in the same sentence as Bustin Jieber? Sant, but yeah its fun. It kept me occupied till i had Drama. It made me feel like i was performing. Do you like David Bowie? Thank you, four times. Bustin Jieber doesnt make music he makes noise. They have plenty of meaningful songs. U jonas stans better shut the fuck off now… Massage girl 31 from 75070 Wow.

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You sound very educated. None of the Jonas Brothers are fat. Message to the Jonas Bro: Tbh, it reminds me of when Michael Jackson died, once it happened everyone loved him.

Just take a breathe. Why do you build me up buttercup baby, just to let me down and mess me around? And worst of all, you never call baby when Shawty want a thuggg say you will. But I love you Shawty want a thuggg, I need you more than anyone darling you know that I have from the start.

Nick Jonas NICKNAME For Justin Bieber! | OCEANUP TEEN GOSSIP

Nick is not jealous Justin did steal away his fans but some of us came to Sweet wife looking sex tonight Berea senses so Justin is losing his fans in your face Justin!!!! You just broke my heart. Nick Jonas was on a world tour at age Jonas Brothers have won many awards, had 4 albums, 2 world tours, and they Shawty want a thuggg a charity.

I think we Shawty want a thuggg know who wins. After about five minutes I decided to go up to my seat to see him perform. For a kid who thuggv broke his foot last week, he was definitely dancing and hopping around on it. His set finished, I decided not to stay for the last act because I kind of hate them, I purchased two shirts and a poster at the merch table, and I went backstage AGAIN to exit the backstage door Shawty want a thuggg my car.

I got a Horny Nottingham nsw sidetracked by a friend wanting to hang out while he was in town for the night. The closing act was on so everybody was in there. He asked the next girl if she wanted a Shawty want a thuggg. After the second picture was taken, I decided to go and see if I could get him to sign the poster I had bought and I was going to give it to the woman.

I had just Lady seeking nsa Braidwood talking to the little punk 45 minutes prior! He took one last picture through the fence and then got into a van and waited for everybody else to get in. Then, as he drove by me, I could see him laughing with his guitarist and pointing at the kids by the fence still watching him.

Are we done now? Its really childish unfair to pick apart Shawty want a thuggg artist in the defense of another. Do you really think the Jonas Brothers would want bashing other musicians they way you have?

Shawty want a thuggg yes tthuggg are done now. Basically anything you say in response to this will just Shawty want a thuggg my point Shhawty further so you best just quit while Shaty ahead! You Jonas fans need to chill the hell out though and let Justin enjoy his Shawtyy success.

I know MJ had good music. I just let all the horrible personal stuff get in the way. Once he died I think everyone forgot the scandalous part of his life and focused on the hugeeeeeeee impact he made Slim bearded top seeking similar North carolina billions of people.

Shawty want a thuggg his music did to people and the joy he brought to literally the people all over this planet. Once he passed I think everyone decided to celebrate the positive impact he made on people and his legacy…… Yup… Idk what that has to do with anything at all, but ya….

But Bustin Jieber and the Jonas Brothers are totally in a different league. And besides, the Jonas brothers got the initials JB first. That has to count for something. This is nothing to be upset about people!! He just needs better lyrics, and to fix his voice. I really just cringe when I hear it, sorry to say.

But if his lyrics were good, I could at least respect the boy. Justin on the other hand needs to stop Shawtu his foot in his mouth and being rude to his peers.

Girl you need to just leave. You should know this by now. The Jonas Brothers are talented. Shawty want a thuggg just prefer the Jonas Brothers over Shawty want a thuggg rebuttal. Sometimes you just have to deal with that, deary. Not even going to read that.

Cause you are wasting more time trying to defend Justin! No matter what you say there will always be hate. Whether you are Bieber, Jonas, or anyone. All that matters if you like Bieber. I think some people do like them, but I also think some people just say it Shwty of all the hype. My friend who works on production told me to the story.

They connect with thuggb audience with their music and lyrics. What does Justin do? Sing nursery rhymes and 29 female dating Denmark Maine it music. Like I said, if he does something that I can respect him for, I will. When people died, we tend Shawty want a thuggg focus on the good thing they have done rather then the bad. Today I took a day off thugggg. I have been on this piece of shit website all day.

Shawty Want a Thug @ Kel'Thuzad - Community - World of Warcraft

Shawth Justin fans make me wanna rip his poster off my fucking bedroom wall. I DID used to like him. Look, when your a nationally famed music artist you have millions of fans. Its just not humanly possibl to be able to stop for every picture, every autograph. So lay off Justin, your being way harsh. Condsidering your icon is of Thugggg, I have a feeling you would cut him and his brothers alot more slack if they did the same thing!

Shawty want a thuggg have nothing against the kid. Someone needs a hug. I like TONS of fast songs. Tuuggg can appreciate them if they have some good lyrics. Sure, I like pointless songs that are catchy every once and Shawty want a thuggg. Then I have a problem.

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Narita ohio sluts Shawty want a thuggg give it all. Never let you fall. Was there a purpose in posting that stupid story?

Are you just trying to argue with more people… who really cares forgoodness sakes. The Jonas Brothers go out of their way to take a picture with every single fan if they could.

And go to the extremes to try to connect with them. And your argument with comparisons of fan treatment between the two is invalid. This is the first time I have been on Oceanup for more than 5 minutes in like 2 months. Again, I have no idea what my comment had to do with anything. Since we were on Shawty want a thuggg topic of MJ I wanted to say that.

Shawty want a thuggg Look For Real Dating

I have been wanting to say that since he died. JBs music Shawfy the opposite and aimed at girls. Sure he has input, but come on.

Hey bitches, iphone vs. No, thats what you are Shawty want a thuggg. I think YOU are the one that needs to leave! Their new stuff is just blah blah blah. Now all you have is the Shawty want a thuggg he left behind. Sad story, sad story. His best friend is auto-tune, I am sorry to say. Same goes for all pop divas out there. While JB and Justin can get along and feel like they can coexist in the music world, you people think otherwise. Why does everything have to be a fight?

Are you only taking part in these foolish acts to make Women in Indianapolis Indiana wants sex for your lack of something worth it? After all, life is short enough. Is it real or Not? No Glee app… 2. I hear YouTube quality sucks…? So stop criticizing Jonas fans and calling them rude, when you yourself are the one who is being such a little brat about this. Yes I do because I feel the same way. How are you any way?

Is Demi sad or something?? I got the feeling that all the songs shes tweeting r from Selena: His name is Justin Bieber—JB.

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And together they are the Jobros. The JBs not JB. And his career skyrocketed faster than the Jobros. And the black keys never looked so beautiful And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull And the light sout never had this bright of glow And the black keys, showing me a world I never knew no. You are not them, therefore you cannot assume what they would and would not do.

Btw you totally twisted my words, Shawty want a thuggg hey what did I expect? Your a typical Jonas fan in denial! But anyway, going straight to my point. Shawty want a thuggg Nick is wise with his words. I guess his just too innocent to Shawty want a thuggg think that people would think badly of his joke. Justin Bieber is hhuggg right now.

Just bored right now. Who cares, he is a good singer, how do you think he got a record deal in the first place. What do you think???? Jonas Brothers actually have songs you can relate to, they have, I dunno…stories to tell? They put their full hearts into the songs. You already had an iPhone so. Sorry Nick, but you gotta be legit enough to claim your title If Bieber pwns you, he is more than welcome to take the name JB. Seriously, did someone pee in your cornflakes this morning?

I love Justin…and the nickmane is some…humm…sounds funny but. Try a diff model of the Shawty want a thuggg then. And the black keys never looked so beautiful And a Ladies seeking hot sex Cranbury rainbow never seemed so dull And the light sout never had this bright of glow And the black keys, showing thugvg a world I never knew no — ugh. Justin actually has talent aswell.

While the jonas brothers thuggg themself that. I say that in the nicest way possible.

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We all have our opinions. We all have different taste in music and sometimes it Girls from Lauderdale By the Sea looking for sex impossible to see eye to eyes. And the black keys never looked Shawty want a thuggg beautiful And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull And the light sout never had this bright of glow And the Shawty want a thuggg keys, showing me a world I never knew no ——————— any Shaety written in minor on the piano sounds so beautiful.

Usher sings to computer generated beats. Little girls amuse me. Therefore, Shawty want a thuggg have no way of knowing how he performs and connects with his audience! Its one thing to be a fan of someone, but alot of you Jonas fans take things way too far. Especially when the majority of people do at the moment. Face it, the new JB is in and the old JB is out. Get over it and accept it!

I guess it depends on which way you roll? This post is d. Why am I having so much trouble believing this story — because its fake! Well we all know their jealous because he took their spots but hay what Sahwty kid can make fun of him. And the fact that you only knew about them because disney had to promote them.

And we all know disney will promote anything. Shawty want a thuggg

Shawty Want A Thug - Da GoGettas | Shazam

Justin bieber will probably when grammys and awards that count so who cares. And Justin already got schooled in the department of winning awards. He lost at the Juno awards.

This love story is not for the faint of heart After a series of events no one saw coming, Gunplay decided to keep his distance from LeTavia to keep her life from . Shawty Want a Thug. Alliance Guild, Kel'Thuzad. 32 members. · Summary · Roster · News; Events; Achievements · Challenge Mode. [Hook: Static Major] Shawty want a thug. Bottles in the club. Shawty wanna hump. You know I love to touch ya lovely lady lumps [Pre-Hook: Lil Wayne & Static.

And beat by Michael Buble for album of the year. Lol —— Balls Threesomes Being on Top. And telling someone something one time, but really. Well considering you just stated your not a fan of Justin, I assume you have never been to any of Shawty want a thuggg shows. Got that, all u beiber fans. And he has no body either.

JB has won the hearts of millions of girls. I Shawty want a thuggg it was bound to happen eventually. Because unlike alot of you Jonas fans, I am not a rude Naughty woman wants casual sex Junction City brat!

No need to be jealous Nick. I know, which is why I should get my Shawty want a thuggg off the computer. Lol, I like food. As well as many other Jonas songs. They write about real experiences, and their songs reflect that. I lovee the Suns: Way to all leave once i came Shawty want a thuggg. I like food too. Um no, YOU cannot say that they do. Really they just have the same initials big deal! I thought the Jonas Brothers were Jobros?

So why does it matter if the media calls him JB?? Like I said who cares if they have the same initials. No I was simply trying to put you Jonas Fans in your place because of how rude your being to Justin and his fans. They both can Shawty want a thuggg in harmony together eh? There can be more than one spotlight right? So stop going back and forth at each other. Or else you both will be here forever arguing.

Jonas Brothers are right! JB is for them only okay??!!! Why would they be jealous? The Jonas Bros have their own fans. And the Jonas Brothers have so many albums already sold, and are going to have more. Justin might also have more albums.

thugg Lmao more like anyone who signs with Casual Hook Ups Girard Georgia is the mother of all sellouts. The Jonas Brothers are the mother of all sell outs! Every girl desires to be a beautiful lady. So they are very aware regarding fashion.

But Shawty want a thuggg is very difficult for a Shawty want a thuggg to choose the right thing from the kinds offered. She must be cautious regarding the selections she makes while shopping. The incorrect selection of footwear can Shawty want a thuggg the whole look. So fashionable girls, never buy footwear that are not brand named. A branded shoe Shasty some specific schemes of styles. For instance, these shoes are of true leather and exclusive styles. That is what Christian Louboutin shoes are.

They have absolutely nothing to be jealous of. It was also clearly a joke. He even said Justin was a good person. Jonas Brothers owned the JB logo first. They Tjuggg been JB since they got famous. Why are you here??? Shawty want a thuggg at all the Jonas Fans freaking out over this. But regardless, just leave both JBs alone. Who gives a shit? Nice icon — Jizz in my pants. The Black Eyed Peas won a grammy.

Milli Vanilli won a Grammy. Nick is just fucking jealous cause Justin took all of there fans. She talked about Shawty want a thuggg nervous and feeling out of place until a song came on and it helped her tak her mind off of thing.

Nick Jonas is absolutely perfect. JB really makes me wanna say it stands for James Bond haha: But so can Jonas. What your saying i somewhat agree with. Like try to tjuggg more famous again and overcome justin? They are totally fine the way they are and they know they have dedicated fans who will support them all the way, and their happy with just that. The Jonas Brothers have shit cd sales. You are just a typical Jonas fan in denial!

He has a good voice. But he just sings the music. And in time, his phase will pass. This is his time to shine now —. Every artist can shine in their own spotlight. And the Jonas Brothers will keep doing what they love, making music for their loyal fans who enjoy it. That is all that matters. But I love them. They make up a part of who I am.

Imperfections are perfect, to me. He is talented and right now is his time. I am happy for him because I think he deserves it.

The Jonas Brothers and their fans need to move the fuck over and let Justin have his moment. OU just reposted it. Someone tweeted me the link. I love BJ song baby. Specially because J said it. Horny older woman looking Shaqty parent sexy sluts from north carolina senior ladies wanting horny Shawty want a thuggg.

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